About Credit Liftoff

Credit Liftoff authors strive to provide the most up to date information on cutting edge topics in the credit world.  Expert sources are reviewed and compiled to provide readers with a concise and understandable review of topics.  When applicable, Credit Liftoff will attempt to review leading academic journals on economics to ensure data is accurate and peer-reviewed (attempting to cite the most highly ranked sources based on IDEAS/RePEc Aggregate Rankings for Journals in Economics).

For products, financial services, or financial promotions, authors will review material provided by the company ensure the information is as accurate as possible.  Attempts will be made to highlight any fine print details which consumers may find confusing or unclear.  Terms of service, applicable regulations, and other factors will be considered when providing information.

While every attempt is made to provide the most up to date information for a given topic we encourage feedback if pertinent details are not included.  Inquiries regarding content will be addressed as timely as possible.

Meet The Team

Dan Wilke – CEO and Founder


Tommy Wilke – CFO and Co-Founder

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Jessica Wilke – Brand Identity Developer

Austin Meadows

Austin Meadows – Lead Writer

Jim Dobrowolski

Jim Dobrowolski – Writer

Janet Berry-Johnson (writer)

Janet Berry-Johnson – Writer