American Express $100 Airline Fee Credit – Selecting Your Airline


AMEX Gold Card $100 Airline Fee Credit – Select Your Airline For Reimbursement

The new AMEX Gold Card provides customers with a $100 credit for incidental fees with a selected airline.  This would provide reimbursement for costs such a baggage fees, in flight WiFi purchases, priority boarding costs, and other incidental fees incurred while traveling with your selected airline.  Customers will select one airline and then throughout the year they will be eligible to receive a $100 statement credit.  When you consider that the annual fee for this card is $250, this statement credit automatically knocks $100 off your fee making this a deal that should not be overlooked.

 (Limited Rose Gold AMEX Card)

Selecting your airline can easily be completed online or by phone.  To complete online you will only need to log in your AMEX online account, select your airline and confirm your pick.

Either of the above options will allow customers to select their airline and this offer is available to American Express Gold Card customers and other AMEX Cards which provide airline reimbursement as part of their card features.  The Gold Card is the revamped version of their Premier Rewards Card which just debuted this year.  Customers are required to select an airline in order to access the $100 credit available to cardholders.

When making your selection it is important to consider which airline you will be most likely to spend $100 in incidental fees with.  As this is a travel focused credit card, many customers will have to consider this carefully as they are likely traveling with a variety of different airlines – only fees charged to your card with your selected airline will be eligible for reimbursement.  And more good news, you do not have to do any additional legwork after the selection has been completed!

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