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Check Your American Express Pre-Qualified Offers Online

One of the biggest concerns consumers have when applying for a new credit card is whether or not they will be approved.  Pre-qualified and Pre-approved offers are one way to avoid applying for a card only to find your application is denied.  While pre-qualified offers do not guarantee approval, they do drastically increase the likelihood your application will be accepted.

American Express allows all consumers to view their pre-qualified offers online.  Potential applicants will complete a short form to view all AMEX cards they are pre-qualified for.  The process does not require a credit check.  This means that it will have zero impact on your credit score and credit history.  Checking your offers is a great first step if you are interested in applying for an American Express Credit Card.  Consumers can visit the American Express Pre-Qualified Offer Page to view cards that are best fit for their credit portfolio.

American Express Pre-qualified Offers
American Express Pre-qualified Offers – AMEX Offers a Wide Range of Credit Card Options

How To Check Your AMEX Pre-Qualified Offers Online

The entire pre-qualification process can be completed online.  The entire process only takes seconds to complete.  American Express will review your credit using a soft review.  This will require you to provide your contact information including name and home address.  You will also need to verify you identity by providing the last four digits of your social security number.  The complete form is as follows:

AMEX Pre-Qualification
AMEX Pre-Qualification Form

As you can see, the form is very short and will not take long to complete.  American Express will review your information and provide you with pre-qualified offers once submitted.  You will be able to review the cards that meet your specific credit qualifications.  Consumers can select a card to apply for and will immediately be transferred to the application page.

How The AMEX Pre-Qualification Process Works

Pre-qualification offers are extremely common practice in the credit, loan, and insurance worlds.  The AMEX Pre-Approval process works just the same way as when you receive a letter in the mail for pre-qualified credit offers.  Companies review your available information without doing what is known as a “hard credit pull”.  This means that only some basic information is provided to see if you meet the credit requirements.

A hard credit check will be completed only when you apply for a particular card.  This is the type of credit check which will be reflected in your credit history.  Credit checks are not particularly detrimental to your score.  With this said, you should try to avoid too many hard pulls in a very short period of time.

Selecting The Right American Express Pre-Qualified Offer

There are many different types of credit cards available from American Express.  This includes travel credit cards such as The Hilton Honors Cards and The Delta Gold Card.  AMEX also offers The American Express Everyday Card which is a great all around “entry level” card (no annual fee, etc.).  Premium options would include cards such as the American Express Gold Card.

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Consumers should select their card based on their spending habits and their credit history.  For instance, the AMEX Gold Card provides 4x points for restaurant purchases and 3x points for airline flights.  If this type of spending meets your needs, than the $250 annual fee may be worth it.  However, cards like the AMEX Everyday Card come with no annual fee but reward rates are slightly lower than the Gold Card.

It is also worth noting that many American Express Credit Cards provide sign up bonuses.  These bonuses generally require specific spending requirements in order to receive you bonus.  Be sure to review any available sign up bonus for your credit card offer to make sure you take advantage of your new cardholder offer.

Final Thoughts – American Express Pre-Qualified Offers

When applying for a new credit cards consumers need to make their decision based on their approval odds and their anticipated card use.  Pre-qualification offers are a great way to improve the likelihood of card approval but are not a guarantee for approval.  We highly recommend consumers review their pre-qualifying offers before applying for a new credit card. You can learn more about improving your credit history here if you find you have having a hard time getting approved for credit cards.

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