AmericanExpress Personal Savings Reviews

American Express is offering a high yield savings account where you can earn 2.10% APY (not too shabby).

To apply simply visit

Please, note you must be 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of the United States.

BUT… should you apply?

Let’s check out some reviews…

American Express Save Now Reviews

  • NerdWallet: 4 out of 5 stars rated by Amber Murakami-Fester (American Express National Bank provides savings accounts and certificates of deposit with highly competitive annual percentage yields)
  • DoughRoller: 8.8 out of 10 American Express Personal Savings Review by MICHAEL PRUSER
  • WalletHacks: “Overall, it’s average and I’d consider other options” – Jim Wang

Overall the promotional offers received good reviews from the online blogging community.

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Real-Life Customer Reviews

If there is a need to withdraw frequently, why bother to open a savings? I think American Express Savings is good as I don’t need to send a check, just linked my account to my other bank and voila. It’s is transferred automatically. Which other banks offer this good rate? Go for it!” S Walton

I’ve had an Amex Savings account for three years, and never had any problem. ACH transfers are done quickly, both directions. They’ve never “held my money hostage” (I don’t even know what that means). They’re easy to deal with. My only issue is that their APY rate keeps dropping, by tiny amounts.” – Mary 0200

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  • American Express Personal Savings is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800-446-6307
  • Make an American Express card payment at
  • American Express National Bank P.O. Box 30384. Salt Lake City, Utah 84130

American Express Save Now Offer

  • Accounts‎: ‎Checking; Savings; Money Market; CDs
  • Promotions‎: ‎Earn 2.10% APY
  • No Fees
  • No minimums

Final Verdict

The American Express high yield savings account offer is one of the top high yield savings account options available today.

If you’re looking for a SAFE place to stash your cash the AMEX Save Now account is not a bad option.


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