Better Cash Installment Loan Offer Review


Better Cash Installment Loans

Better Cash offers consumers a short term personal loan option designed for consumers with poor credit.  Before we review some of the specifics from Better Cash it is important to understand what type of product this is.  These are short term installment loans for individuals who need quick funds.  This is not a long term loan option that should be considered for consumers.  Loans with Better Cash can exceed an interest rate of 36%.  This means that consumers will be paying very high amounts of interest on their loan.

Better Cash Loans are designed for consumers who may not be able to find sources of financing elsewhere.  Before applying for a type of loan like this consumers should first exhaust all other options.  Please review our article discussing personal loans before signing on to a high interest installment loan.  For consumers who have no other options available, high interest loans may be the only choice.  If this is the case for you, check out this article about improving your credit so that you can avoid finding yourself in this situation.

Better Cash Installment Loan – Features Offered For Borrowers

While there are much better options available for consumers with okay credit, Better Cash does offer some forgiving features for borrowers.  First, there is no prepayment penalty for paying off your loan ahead of time.  This should be an absolute priority for any customers taking out a high interest installment loan.  If at all possible, consumers should make every effort to pay off the entirety of their loan as soon as they can.

Another good feature consumers have when using The Better Cash service is the ability to see their rate and payment plan without impacting your credit score.  You will have the option to view your interest rate without agreeing to the loan.  If the interest rate is not what you are willing to pay you can simply continue shopping for another option.  Other features of the Better Cash Loan include:

  • Application completion and approval within minutes
  • Fixed terms and payment options
  • Loan offers from $500 up to $5,000
  • No penalty to paying off your loan early
  • Live customer support

Drawbacks To The Better Cash Loan

As mentioned above, the primary drawback to the Better Cash Loan is the high interest charged to borrowers.  If you have been absolutely unable to find funds from low interest options then you will need to begin searching for alternatives.  Even a short term loan with interest rates above 36% will result in very high interest fees over the course of repayment.

To put some context to this, let’s review a $1,000 installment loan at 36 percent interest with repayment over one year.  In this scenario, customers will pay over $200 during the repayment of their loan.  You should review your interest rate and and determine the cost of the loan before agreeing to the terms of any short term loan.

Better Cash Offer – Responding To A Mail Offer

Better Cash provides pre-approval notification by mail to selected consumers.  Formerly, this service was offered through Money Lion.  This Money Lion Offer product is now provided through Better Cash.  Customers will now visit as opposed to  This is where customers will find the Better Cash Loan offer page.

BetterCash Mail Offer
BetterCash Mail Offer Form

As you can see above, potential customers will need to provide the Personal Loan Code they received with their offer.  You will also be asked to enter your First and Last Name and your full Social Security Number.  Applicants will select the amount of money they are looking to borrow.  Once provided you will be able to review your loan rate.

Alternatives To High Interest Installment Loans

There are options available to consumers that may make better financial sense.  However, many customers turn to these types of loans after having exhausted all other options.  If you have not yet review these alternatives, this should be the first place you start for funding.  Here are some alternative options:

  1. Credit Card Financing – While it is not a great idea rake up debt on a credit card you may find the interest rate is actually cheaper on your card.  Additionally, many cards offer lines of credit for this type of finacning.  For instance, some Citi Credit Cards offer a program known as The Citi Flex Plan.  This allows you to get a cash advance against your limit.  Check with your credit card issuer to see what options may be available for you.
  2. Low Interest Personal Loans – Many consumers who are considering a high interest installment loan may find that they are not qualified for a personal loan.  Before signing up for an installment loan you should review as many lower cost options as possible.  Some examples of lower cost personal loans would include a SoFi Personal Loan or The TD Express Loan.
  3. Check With Your Local Bank or Credit Union – Many credit unions and banks offer competitive rates for short term personal loans.  This is a great place to begin your search if other options have not worked out well for you.
  4. Peer to Peer Lending – There are many peer to peer lending services for short term lending.  For instance, Lending Club is one of the most popular peer to peer lending.  These programs still require credit review but their may be more options for individuals with poor credit than traditional options.

Final Thoughts – Better Cash Installment Loan Offer

High interest installment loans should be looked at as a last resort option.  If you have no other lower cost option than a Better Cash loan may be better than alternatives like pay day loans.  Pay day loans often come with extremely restrictive terms and charge even higher fees and interest.  What is most important is that you understand the cost of the loan before you agree to the terms.  Have you used services like Better Cash?  Please let us know in the comments if you have found better options than high interest installment loans.


  1. Installment Loans sounds like a good option since they can be easily returned. Taking off some amount from your monthly wage to pay off the loan doesn’t sound so bad.


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