The Blaze MasterCard Credit Card – A Good Card For Poor Credit?


BlazeCC Quick Hits

  • Another subprime card designed for the consumer with less than ideal credit
  • No sign-up bonus or rewards program
  • Learn more or apply at
  • Just about anyone can qualify for the Blaze credit card

Blaze Credit Card – Understanding This Subprime Credit Card

Finding a credit card with poor credit can be a huge obstacle.

There are many cards tailored for individuals with subprime credit but finding the best one for you is no easy task.

The Blaze MasterCard is one credit card designed for subprime consumers.

This card offers a fixed interest rate of 29.99% and the annual fee comes in at $75.

These would not be terms worth considering for consumers with good credit.

However, these terms are in line with credit cards designed for individuals with poor credit.

BlazeCC Highlights and Lowlights

  • One of the big attractions for consumers with the Blaze Card is that no security deposit is required
  • Recommend consumers with poor credit opt for a no-fee secured card (you security deposit is refundable so there is no expense)

With this said, sometimes the security deposit can be a financial obstacle in itself.

For some consumers, paying an annual fee while they are rebuilding their credit may be a reasonable option.

The Blaze MasterCard Credit Card
The Blaze MasterCard Credit Card

BlazeCC Features and Benefits – The Blaze Credit Card

  • Annual fee up to $75
  • Rebuild credit by using and paying your card
  • Approval is likely for individuals with poor credit
  • Late fees for missed payments of $25
  • Accepted at all places that take MasterCard
  • Take advantage of your offer at

Compared to some credit cards designed for individuals with poor credit, The Blaze Card offers some decent terms.

The annual fee is the primary drawback.

blaze credit card reviews rates and fees

Cards in this category rarely provide any sort of rewards program and this card is no different in that regard

Consumers get a very basic card. The upside is that it will allow you to rebuild your credit.

Consumers are welcome to search for better credit cards once they have improved their credit.

Accepting A Blaze Credit Card Mail Offer (

Blaze Credit Card Mail Offer -
Blaze Credit Card Mail Offer – A 4 step process

As you can see above, there will be four steps necessary to complete the mail offer for the Blaze Credit Card.

The Reservation Number you received with your offer will be the most important piece of information.

This code will allow you to access your application and credit card offer.

After entering your reservation number you will need to complete the verification and acceptance process to accept your offer.

Applying for the Blaze Credit Card does not require an offer letter.

Potential cardholders are welcome to apply for the card without a reservation code. You will need to complete the standard credit card application.

Blaze Credit Card Application Status

To check the status of an application please dial 1-605-782-3472 and request to speak with an application specialist.

Alternative Options To The Blaze Credit Card

Individuals with poor credit will find that their options for credit cards are extremely limited.

Unfortunately, poor credit also means you will be subject to far worse credit terms than individuals with great credit.

There are a number of cards that are attempting to change this.

Cards like the Petal Card rely on many factors to determine approval beyond a credit score and offers no fees.

Unfortunately, this card will also not be available for all consumers.

Secured credit cards are often the best choice for consumers who can afford a security deposit.

blazecc sign in

Secured cards required consumers to “deposit” funds upfront that are available in the event that the cardholder defaults.

The upside of these cards is that no annual fee options are available.

Many of the biggest credit card issuers offer secured credit cards with no annual fee.

If you decide to close your account and get a better card, your security deposit is fully refundable.

Finally, there are many competing cards in the same realm as the Blaze Card.

Cards like the Ollo Credit Card and The Cerulean Credit Card are other popular choices for consumers with poor credit.

Applying for cards like these may be a smart choice if you have not been approved for a card with other creditors.

Final Thoughts – Is The Blaze Card Best For You?

The Blaze Unsecured Credit Card is the go-to card for people to start rebuilding their credit. By keeping your card account in good standing, you could get a credit line increase in as little as 6 months.

The pros of this card are that it is readily available, provides a fully functional card accepted anywhere MasterCard is accepted and allows consumers to rebuild credit.  For many individuals, this will be well worth the annual fee.

Cons of this card include no rewards program and an annual fee of $75.  If you have decided a secured credit card is not the best choice for you then the Blaze Card may be a good option.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that a card like this should be seen as a stepping stone towards something better.

Using your card, keeping your balance low, and making on-time payments will build your credit over time.

Finally, be sure to learn more about building and maintaining great credit while you improve your score!


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