Blue Cash Everyday – A Top Tier Zero Annual Fee Rewards Card


The American Express Blue Cash Everyday

  • Great balance transfer opportunity – 0% for 15 months with no balance transfer fees
  • Very competitive rewards program – 3% supermarkets, 2% gas and department stores, 1% for all other purchases
  • New cardholder sign up bonus is very easy to earn – $150 when $1,000 spent in the first 3 months
  • No annual fee

American Express offers several no annual fee credit cards and The Blue Cash Everyday Card earns the top spot.  We previously took a look at the AMEX EveryDay Card.  These two cards are very similar but the rewards program for the Blue Cash Everyday card easily puts it in a class above.  Both cards offer one of the best balance transfer deals consumers can find.  However, Blue Cash provides a significantly better rewards program.  Both cards have no annual fee so the choice is clear – The Blue Cash Everyday Card is our favorite zero fee AMEX card.

Blue Cash Everyday
Blue Cash Everyday – A Clean Blue Design

Blue Cash Rewards – Cash Back Categories

This card offers three categories for how cardholders will earn cash back when making purchases.  First, customers will earn 3% cash back on all supermarket purchases.  Additionally, all gas purchases and transactions at select US Department Stores will earn 2% cash back.  Like the Everyday Card, there is a $6,000 limit per year on these categories.  Cardholders will earn 1% back on all other purchases including purchases within the 3% and 2% cash back categories after the $6,000 annual limit is reached.

Overall, these reward categories are very competitive for a no annual fee credit card.  There are certainly cash back cards that earn higher rates but many of these cards include an annual fee.  The 2% and 3% limits will likely not impact most consumers due to the high annual limit and does not significantly detract from this card’s value.

Understanding The Balance Transfer Offer (Plus Intro APR)

The “Everyday” line of credit cards from American Express offer some of the top balance transfer deals around.  The primary feature of this offer that makes it so great is that there is not a fee to transfer for you balance.  In order to receive no fee for your transfer you must complete the transfer within the first 60 days of opening your account.  Your new card will charge 0% interest for 15 months.  This allows savvy consumers to pay down their expensive debt with no additional interest charges.

In addition to the balance transfer offer, customers will also receive 0% interest for all purchases during the first 15 months of opening a new account.  Zero percent introductory rates allow consumers a great opportunity to finance purchases with a new credit card.  Customers should make plans to pay off their balance before the intro period expires.  After the introductory zero percent APR your interest will be 15.24% – 26.24% depending on your overall creditworthiness.

Earning $150 With The Blue Cash Everyday Card

The sign up bonus with this credit card is very simple to earn which makes it even an even more appealing option.  Cardholders will need to charge $1,000 to their new account within the first 3 months of opening their account.  This is an extremely low spending threshold with a large bonus opportunity.  If you do not think you will be able to complete this spending requirement it is worthwhile to put off opening your account until you have a purchase that will allow you to meet the offer requirements.  After you complete the spending requirements your cash back rewards with be reflected with the $150 bonus.

Blue Cash Every Day Apply Online Mail Offer

Blue Cash Everyday Apply
Blue Cash Everyday Apply – Card Reservation Form

If you have been directed to visit the Blue Cash Everyday Apply Online Website you will find the above form.  Customers will need to enter the RSVP code they received by mail or email in order to pull up their application.  You will also need to enter your zip code.  This will allow you to access your partially completed application.  The full application will need to be completed and approval decisions are typically issued instantly – in as little as 30 seconds.

How This Card Stacks Up To The Competition

When you compare no annual fee cash back credit cards the gold standard is typically the Citi Double Cash Card.  The Double Cash Card offers 2% cash back on all purchases (1% when you purchase and 1% when you pay).  While this is a great option, there are several aspects of the Blue Cash Card that will make it a better option for some consumers.  For starters, the Double Cash Card offers no sign up bonus.  The $150 bonus with the Blue Cash Card would require $7,500 in spending on a Double Cash Card to even out.

Furthermore, the Blue Cash Card offers no balance transfer fee whereas the Double Cash Card charges 3% on balance transfers.  This alone may sway your decision if you are looking for a balance transfer as part of your new credit card account.  For long term spending, the Double Cash Card remains one of the top Cash Back options but the Blue Cash Card offers some features that will appeal to many consumers.

Final Thoughts – AMEX Blue Cash

The Blue Cash Card covers many of the bases consumers should be looking for when applying for a new card.  It offers a great sign up bonus, a very competitive rewards program, and a top tier balance transfer opportunity.  This card is a great option for consumers who are looking to avoid an annual fee card.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!  How does this card stack up to your favorite credit card?


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