Capital One Cyber Incident 2019


Capital One Cyber Breach Facts – 2019

Following the data breach Capital One has set up an informational page to explain the data breach incident.  The full information can be found at

This data breach impacted nearly 100 million US consumers.  An additional 6 million Canadian Consumers were also impacted.

The data breach goes back to data from 2005 and up to 2019.  Most of the data collected was collected during self reported application processes.  Less than 1% of individuals had social security numbers associated with their data.  No credit card account numbers were lost as a result of this breach.

Customers who bank account and social security information was impacted by the breach were notified directly by mail.  Other data breached included names, credit scores, credit details (such as balances, etc.), addresses and other contact information, and self reported income figures.

The individual who was responsible for this data breach has been identified and arrested.  At this time it does not appear that the data has been used for fraud.

Capital One Is Providing Free Credit Monitoring

All impacted individuals will be provided with free credit monitoring managed through Trans Union.  It is highly recommended to take advantage of this service.  The service will notify customers of any changes to their credit profiles.

The service will be offered for 2 years following the data breach.  Consumers will have access to their credit report throughout this period of time.  Impacted individuals can sign up for this service with TransUnion at no cost and doing so will not waive any legal rights.

Impacted customers can sign up for alert notifications to indicate changes to their credit online through their Capital One Account.

Protecting Your Identity

Data breaches such as this highlight the necessity to take personal responsibility when it comes to your credit.  Unfortunately, these types of incidents are becoming more and more common and this trend is likely to continue (this is just coming off the heels of the massive Equifax Breach).  Companies typically receive a slap on the wrist when they do not properly protect their client data.

Free credit monitoring services like Credit Karma and Credit Sesame are simple ways to keep track of your credit score and report.  Unauthorized activity needs to be reported immediately.  There are also many paid services available but most consumers can monitor their report without these services.

Another resource is  This is a federally authorized service which provides customers with their credit report at no cost each year.  More than ever, consumers need to take it upon themselves to protect their information from these types of massive cyber breaches.

Contact Capital One By Phone:  1-800-227-4825

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