Cash Back Plus World MasterCard Review (1.8% Cash Back)


Citizen Bank Cash Rewards Card

Bank issued credit cards are notoriously hit or miss.  This rewards credit card from Citizens Bank is an extremely straightforward cash back rewards card.  All purchases qualify for a flat 1.8% cash back.  The card offers members the pleasure of having no annual fee.  If you bank with (or are considering banking with) Citizens, could this be the right card for you?  Let’s take a look at the details.

Cash Back Plus World MasterCard
Cash Back Plus World MasterCard

Card Benefits and Features

  • Unlimited 1.8% cash back on all purchases
  • No rotating categories or special spending categories
  • 0% intro APR for all balance transfers (15 months)
  • No foreign transaction fees and no annual fee
  • Zero liability purchases protection
  • Apple Pay comparability
Earning Cash Back With Your Citizens Bank Cash Rewards Card

The most appealing feature of the Cash Back Plus MasterCard is the simplicity with earning rewards.  There are no categories to keep track of with this credit card.  Instead, every purchase you make with your card will earn a flat rate of 1.8% cash back.  This is a very generous reward rate which few no annual fee cards can match.

One of the only other cash back back cards that offer a similar rate is the Citi Double Cash Card which amounts to 2% cash back on all purchases.  The Citizens Bank Card offers some additional perks like no foreign transaction fee.  In terms of a pure cash rewards card, The Cash Back Plus ranks among the top.

Transferring Balances – 15 Months Introductory Offer

The balance transfer offer with this card is very appealing on first glance.  There are some details that are very important to understand before choosing this card for a balance transfer.  Your transferred balance will not be subject to interest charges for the first 15 billing cycles.  However, all balance transfers are subject to a 4% balance transfer fee.  This means you are paying $40 for every $1,000 you transfer to your new card.

Balance transfer fees are not unusual but there are select balance transfer cards where you can avoid them all together.  If you are opening a new card solely to transfer a balance to a zero percent intro rate you may want to consider better balance transfer options like the Chase Slate Card.

Credit Card Fees

This card packs a one two punch when it comes to saving on fees.  Cardholders will no pay any foreign transaction fees when using their card overseas.  Furthermore, this card is offered with no annual fee.

As mentioned above, a balance transfer fee of 4% does apply.  Cardholders may also be subject to late fees when payments are missed.

Purchase Protection and Zero Liability For Fraud

Cardholders are protected against unauthorized charges.  If you have your card lost, stolen, or detect an unauthorized charge you can contact Citizen Bank at 1-800-684-2222 24/7 in order to report the issue.  Your account will be refunded for all purchases you did not permit to be charged to your card.

Using Your Card With Apple Pay

Digital wallets are becoming very popular and this Citizens Bank Cash Back Card does offer compatibility with Apple Pay.  Currently the card is not available for Samsung Pay and Google Pay but this could change as may cards are expanding their digital wallet compatibility.

To use your card with Apple pay you will need to set up the App and link your credit card.  Purchases with your digital wallet will still earn 1.8% back.

Applying For and Activating Your Card

Citizens Bank offers application for this card online, in branch, by mail or by phone.  The easiest method is to simply apply online.  Once you have submitted your application you will receive an approval decision.  Your card will then be sent to the residency address you provided during the application process.

After receiving your new card it will need to be activated before use.  Customers can activate their card using the telephone number provided on the new card.  Once it is activated it is ready for use.

Additional Citizen Bank Services

  • Student loans, mortgages, auto loans, refinance, etc.
  • Checking and saving account options
  • Retirement and investment accounts

Card Downside – No Sign Up Bonus

The biggest complaint consumers will have with this credit card is the lack of a new cardholder sign up bonus.  Many credit cards offer new customers the chance to earn additional rewards after approval.  This card does not have a bonus opportunity.  This is the primary drawback for consumers who thrive on big rewards.

This Card May Not Be The Best Choice For Everyone.  If You Want To Explore Further Check Out These Additional Resources

Final Thoughts – The Cash Back Plus World MasterCard

This card is a great option for customers looking for a simple cash back rewards card.  With the ability to earn unlimited cash back on all purchases and the lack of confusing categories, customers who love simplicity will feel right at home with this card.  The balance transfer offer is decent but there are much better balance transfer cards available.  This card is best suited for customers looking for a simple, no nonsense cash back card with a high reward rate.


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