Cerulean Credit Card: A Sub-Prime Credit Card Review


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Cerulean MasterCard From Continental Finance

Continental Finance offers a variety of credit cards designed for consumers with subprime credit histories.

Before we begin on the specifics of The Cerulean Credit Card it is important to point out that not all cards designed for consumers with poor credit are created equal.

First, many of these cards are notorious for charging exorbitant fees.

Second, they do not provide substantial benefits found with other credit card options.

If you are struggling to find a credit card due to a poor credit history we recommend reviewing strategies for improving your credit history.

Who are what is the Cerulean Credit Card?

The Cerulean Credit Card is issued by The Bank of Missouri.

The credit card is serviced by Continental Finance Company.

Additional cards provided by these companies include the FIT, Verve, and Matrix Cards.  All of these cards have similar terms and features.

Customers are required to pay an initial annual fee of $75 and after the first year, customers will have a monthly servicing fee added to their account.

With this said, this is not a credit card we recommend if other low fee options are available.

Cerulean MasterCard
The Cerulean MasterCard

Your Cerulean Card – Cerulean Credit Card Mail Offers

The primary way this card is marketed is through credit card offers by mail.  Customers are invited to provide their reservation number to access their pre-approved offer.

The initial credit limit provided for this card is up to $750 and cardholders may be eligible for a credit limit increase after the first 6 months of use.

Need a credit card? Is your credit score not so great?

Check out best credit cards for bad credit.

This may seem like a good deal for consumers who are struggling to find a credit card.

It is important to keep in mind that there may be lower fee options available.

If you have decided to you are going to apply for the Cerulean Credit Card you will be asked to provide the reservation number and your social security number on the Your Cerulean Card homepage.

  • After entering this information you will be transferred to your application
  • Credit applications approval will be based on your credit history
  • Your card terms and credit limit rate will vary based on your credit review

Cerulean Credit Card Fees and Features

As mentioned above, this credit card comes with its fair share of fees.

  • Annual fee $75
  • $12 monthly fee (ouch!)
  • APR is 29.9%

Furthermore, there will be monthly servicing fees applied to your account after the first year.  The monthly fee for this credit card is $12 per month.

Additionally, there may be fees charged for carrying a balance on your card, paying late, or exceeding your credit card.

Additionally (and perhaps most outrageous), cardholders may be responsible for paying a fee to raise their credit limit.

In addition to the high fees associated with this card, consumers are also subject to a high annual percentage rate.  The Cerulean Credit Card APR is 29.9%.

This is a very high-interest rate and any consumer carrying a balance will be subject to heavy interest charges.

Cerulean Credit Card Reviews

Here are what some of the more respected financial blogs have to say about the Cerulean card.

  • NerdWallet has named it one of there “Best Credit Cards for Bad Credit”
  • CardCruncher.com states “If you’ve received a pre-qualified offer for the Cerulean Credit Card, you may want to consider it. If you have bad credit, getting a credit card without a security deposit can be a luxury”
  • AskMrCreditCard rates it a 2 out of 5

Alternative Options For Consumers With Poor Credit

Finding a credit card with subprime credit may seem like an impossible task but there are options available.

One card designed for building credit that we have reviewed in the past is the Petal Credit Card.

This card does not solely rely on credit history for approval and charges no annual fee.

Alternatively, consumers may also want to consider secured credit cards.  The Discover it Secured Card is a great zero fee option.

If you have fair credit you may also review our guide for credit cards designed for consumers with fair/average credit.

Some consumers may be leery about secured credit cards like the Discover it Secured because you have to include an initial deposit.

It is important to consider the alternative.  A $300 refundable deposit on a zero fee secured card will cost you nothing (ultimately, you will get this money back).

High fee credit cards like the Cerulean Credit Card charge fees that you will never see again.

For this reason, we recommend saving up an initial deposit for a zero fee secured card over a high fee, sub-prime credit card.

Consumers should also review pre-qualifications options with major credit card issuers.

These do not impact your credit score so there is no risk involved with checking your offers.

Learn more about pre-qualifying for Citi Credit Cards or pre-qualifying for American Express Credit Cards if you are interested in finding pre-qualified offers.

Paying Your Cerulean Card Online

Ff you already have a Cerulean Credit Card it is highly recommended that customers pay their bill online.

Case in point, paper statements will require an additional fee but e-statements come at no cost.

Cards are serviced through the Continental Finance online payment portal.  In order to set up an online account, you will need to register your credit card.

The online payment portal and registration site can be found here.

You can manage your account payments online at no additional cost once your credit card has been registered.

Final Thoughts – Cerulean Credit Card

Overall, we would encourage consumers to review other options before opting for a subprime credit card like the Cerulean MasterCard.

There are many options out there that provide much lower fees.

Saving up for a zero fee secured card is going to make the most financial sense if you cannot get approved for a traditional credit card.

With this said, some consumers may have very limited options available to them.

If you decide to get the Cerulean Credit Card, you should work to build your credit as quickly as possible with the intention of finding a better credit card option.

Some quick tips for improving your credit include:

  • Review your credit report and address any damaging marks
  • Pay down your existing debt and make sure payments are made on time
  • Keep your credit utilization as low as possible (balance compared to credit limit)

Cerulean Credit Card Apply Online?

If you do not have the mailing offer you cannot apply online.

Please dial toll-free 1-866-449-4514 and request the mailing offer be sent to you.

Have you struggled to get approved for a credit card?  Which card did you ultimately decide to go with?  Let us know in the comments below!


  1. They gave me a pre qualified offer! I applied, they ran my credit which I assumed that they already did being that they prequalified me but then turned around and denied me along with their high rates! The worst misconception do not apply!

    • Sorry to hear that Sabrina. Pre-approved offers can be tricky (they do not guarantee approval).

      For consumers struggling to get credit card approval I generally recommend secured credit cards from major credit card issuers (Citi and Discover both have great options). This requires an initial security deposit but it is refundable and will help you build your credit score!

      Here is another resource for some additional information about credit cards for individuals with less than perfect credit – https://creditliftoff.com/best-credit-cards-for-bad-credit/

  2. Hello Dan,
    I’m not struggling to get approval! The card offer had a 750 approval on a (pre selected) with a don’t delay and a reservation number. All for what, that words as though it was already screened for my credit status with just the confirmation of information. The word play is very misleading, and for that I took a hard hit on my credit score. If it would have said—— hey Sabrina check to see if you qualify that would be an entirely different thing. I would have never filled out the verifying information! However after reading all of the reviews and HIGH charges I am glad I don’t have the burden of this card, but I have contacted the BBB for consideration of removing this from my credit report because of false advertisement. Thank you

    • Your welcome Sabrina, thanks for reading and if you ever have any other credit-related question please reach out here or by email… cheers 🙂

  3. I just tried to apply online. I keep getting the message to use a legitimate email. I was using my Yahoo email. I tried again same message. I then tried to call, got the message “no one is available to take your call at this time” Now I’m freaking out, thinking what did I just do giving all my information, like this company could take it now and put their own email in. I am not stupid, but thought this was legit. Guess I’ll be calling my bank and social Security because I was hacked before, and had my social to be flagged. I just don’t know what to think now.

    • Hi Beverly, we have been receiving quite a few complaints about The Cerulean Card lately. It seems their services are not particularly user friendly (I personally do not recommend this card – the fees are way to high). Their customer service number is listed as 1-866-449-4514.

      In regards to your information, you should be okay as long as you applied through the official website. Just be sure to keep a close eye on your credit for any new accounts opening up!

    • Hey Donna, please dial toll-free 1-866-449-4514 and ask for a Cerulean Credit Card Application mailed to your address 🙂

  4. I applied for Petal and was turned down in one second flat. I quit. I get social security and have a part time job. My husband pays the rent. So screw them and Cerulean.


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