Chase Credit Journey Review and Features


Free Vantage Score With Chase Credit Journey

Most major credit card providers have added features to allow customers to track their credit score.  Chase Bank gives consumers access to their score through the Chase Credit Journey.  Customers will be able to view their VantageScore and simulate situations to see how their score may be impacted.  This is a fantastic tool to track your credit and determine how credit history changes may impact your score.

There are several great features of this service but among the top is that this is a completely free service.  If you have a Chase Credit Card you will have access to the Credit Journey information.  Your score will be graded on a scale from 300-850.  Top credit scores receiving an “A” rating fall in the 781-850 range.  Weekly updates are provided and you can view your credit changes overtime as your credit evolves overtime.

Accessing Your VantageScore Through Chase Credit Journey

In order to access your score you will need to be registered for online account access with Chase.  Setting up an online account is simple but it will require account verification.  This will be the first step if you have not yet set up an online account with Chase.  You will need your credit card account information for the initial registration process.  Chase customers will login to their online account and then find the Credit Score link just below their list of accounts.

Accessing Chase Credit Journey
Accessing Chase Credit Journey

Following the link as shown above will automatically transfer you to your Credit Journey Profile.  The first time you visit Chase Credit Journey you will need to verify and register your email address.  After accessing your credit profile with Chase you will be able to view all of the resources available through the service.  Access is also available through the Chase Mobile App.

Features Available Through Chase Credit Journey

There are many great benefits customers will have access to through their Chase Credit Profile.  First, you will see your credit VantageScore clearly indicated on the 300-850 scale.  The number provided is through TransUnion and reflects your VantageScore (more on this in a minute).  Customers will also have access to a succinct summary of your credit report.  This will including information such as:

  • Derogatory marks on your credit history
  • Your total owed based on all open accounts
  • Delinquencies that have been reported on your credit
  • Total credit inquiries in the past 2 years

These pieces of information are some of the biggest factors that contribute to your score.  If you see any issues on your report there is a Dispute Center tab.  This will allow you to visit the TransUnion Dispute Page and the Experian Dispute Page where you can correct errors in your credit report.

The Chase Credit Journey provides customers with a credit simulator feature.  This will allow you to anticipate approximate changes to your credit based on different credit factors.  Features you can play around with include:

  • Raising or lowering the balance of credit cards
  • Adding additional credit inquiries to your report
  • An account going in to foreclosure or collections
  • Impacts of situations such as wage garnishment or child support

If you have a situation that will impact your credit card you will be able to enter this information and anticipate the score change.  Your simulated score is not a guarantee but will give you a rough idea of what you can expect.

Credit Journey will also provide you with alerts when changes to your credit report occur.  This will be helpful to protect you against unauthorized changes.  Finally, you will be able to view the credit education page.  This provides information as to which factors impact your score and how you can improve your credit.  For additional tips on improving your credit you can review our guide on creditworthiness and how you can improve your credit history.

Chase Credit Journey Dashboard
Chase Credit Journey Dashboard

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What is a VantageScore?

As mentioned above, the Chase Credit Journey provides customers with their VantageScore.  There are two models used to produce credit scores – The FICO Score and the VantageScore.  The Vantage Score was introduced in 2006 and currently accounts for about 10% of credit inquiries.  While this is less used than the FICO Score, it is equally relevant in estimating your credit score.

VantageScores are based on your report from the three major credit bureaus.  The three credit bureaus are TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.  Scores are based on features like your payment history, your credit utilization and negative marks on your credit history.  Scores are not impacted by factors such as income or bank account balances.

Final Thoughts – Monitoring Your Credit With Chase

If you are a Chase Customer you absolutely need to be taking advantage of this free service.  First, it is a great source for understanding your credit profile.  Managing your credit is essential for so many aspects of life.  Getting loan approval, getting a new apartment and even finding a new job may result in credit checks.

In addition to monitoring your credit score you will also receive credit alerts at no cost.  Alerts would include things like new accounts added to your credit report.  This will be a safeguard to protect against identity theft.  Have you used The Chase Credit Journey?  Let us know your thoughts about this free service in the comments below!


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