How To Request (and Get) Chase Freedom Card Limit Increase?


If you are looking to get a credit limit increase on your Chase Freedom credit card, you may be in luck as Chase is one of the easier companies to receive credit increases with.

While Chase will review your credit history and on-time payments, it is not impossible to receive a credit limit increase with the card if you follow these tips.

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Chase will automatically increase your credit card limit if you pay regularly, pay in full, hold a small balance, and make your payments on time.

The company will typically increase your credit limit every six to 12 months with good credit standing without you even having to ask.

Chase Freedom Card Limit Increase

If you haven’t received an increase in your credit limit in awhile with the Chase Freedom credit card, you can actually request that your limit be raised.

The easiest way to get the credit limit increase that you want is to call Chase directly on the phone and ask for it. Chase will, in most instances, direct you to the credit limit increase department and here you will need to give the reasons you want an increase.

You do need to have a solid reason as to why you want your credit limit increase and not because you are just looking to improve your credit score.

Chase will pull your credit report and request some personal information from you. Some reasons that may work to receive an increase in credit include a higher income, more flexibility from your Chase Freedom card, or for a balance transfer.

You can also email Chase’s customer department about your credit limit increase. Here, they may ask you question about your gross annual income and the total credit line amount you are requesting.

Here, you need to be judicial and not ask for an astronomical amount that won’t get approved. Think about the amount you really need and make sure it is within reason for Chase to approve.

Being conservative in your request for a credit limit increase will improve your odds of receiving the increase in your credit limit.

Also, you need to make sure you have a valid reason for the credit increase.

Keep in mind that Chase, most likely, will not increase your credit limit if you haven’t been a cardholder with them for at least six months.

If you do not receive the credit limit increase that you were hoping for, you do not have to despair as you can call back and request that an underwriter review your account.