Chase Ink Business Cards – Which Card Is Best For Your Business?


The Chase Ink Line of Small Business Credit Cards

Chase Bank offers several business card options within the Chase Ink line of cards.  Each card has specific features and benefits which will determine the best option for you business.  The Chase Ink Unlimited and Chase Ink Business Cash are zero annual fee options.  The Chase Ink Preferred is a premium business rewards card option with a $95 annual fee.

Business owners should first consider whether a business credit card is a smart idea.  For most businesses, the answer is going to be absolutely yes.  If this is the case and you are considering a Chase Business Card, let’s find out which card will bring the most benefit to your company.

Chase Ink Business Unlimited Card

  • Earn Unlimited 1.5% Cash Back
  • 0% intro APR for 12 months
  • New Cardholder sign up bonus
  • 15.49%–21.49% variable APR
  • Zero annual fee
Chase Ink Unlimited
Chase Ink Unlimited

The Chase Ink Business Unlimited Card is the most straightforward of the three Ink Business Cards.  There are no categories with this card and all purchases earn a flat 1.5% cash back.  This is going to be the card of choice for many business owners.  First, there is no annual fee associated with the card.  Second, business owners do not need to consider specific spending patterns.

Another big benefit cardholders will enjoy is the new customer sign up bonus.  Business owners will receive $500 when they complete the spending requirements.  In order to receive the bonus you will need to charge $3,000 to your account within the first three months of opening your new card.  This is a great opportunity for business owners to get a quick jump on their rewards balance.

Another great feature of this credit card is the ability to add employee cards at no additional cost.  You can also set individual spending limits to each card in order to manage your employee spending.  Being able to include your employee spending on one card is going to be a huge benefit for many small businesses.

Chase Ink Business Cash Card

  • Earn Unlimited Cash Back on all purchases
  • 0% intro APR for 12 months
  • 5% and 2% Cash Back for select business categories
  • New Cardholder sign up bonus
  • 15.49%–21.49% variable APR
  • Zero annual fee
Chase Ink Business Cash
Chase Ink Business Cash

The Chase Ink Business Cash Card has several similarities to the Ink Unlimited with several key differences.  Like the Ink Unlimited, all purchases will earn cash back and there is no limit to the total amount cardholders can earn.  All purchases will earn 1% back.  This is in contrast to the 1.5% cash back with the Ink Unlimited.  The big difference is that this card provides several categories to earn additional cash back.

Chase Ink Business Cash cardholders will earn 5% back on the first $25,000 they spend on select business expenses.  The 5% back categories include office supply stores, internet, cable, and phone expenses.  Furthermore, customers will earn 2% back for gas and restaurant charges (also limited to the first $25,000).  If your business makes significant use of these purchases than there is good reason to consider this card rather than the Ink Unlimited.

Also similar to the Ink Unlimited is the ability to add employee cards at no cost.  This card also charges no annual fee.  The biggest consideration when selecting between these two cards is going to be what type of spending your company uses.  If you reguraly spend at office supply stores and business utilities then the 5% cash back category is going to make this the choice for you.

Finally, just like the Chase Ink Unlimited, you will be able to earn a $500 sign up bonus.  The spending requirements are identical – new cardholders must post $3,000 in expense to their new account within the first 3 months of opening their credit card.

Chase Ink Business Preferred Card

  • Earn Unlimited Points For all purchases (1x)
  • Earn 3x Points For on select categories
  • New Cardholder sign up bonus
  • 18.24%–23.24% variable APR
  • 25% bonus for travel with Chase Ultimate Rewards
  • $95 annual fee
Chase Ink Preferred
Chase Ink Preferred

The Chase Ink Business Preferred Card is the premium card option offered to small businesses.  This card charges a $95 annual fee.  This expense will be well worth it for certain business owners.  As mentioned above, this card provides 1x point for all purchases on your card.  In addition to the 1x points, there are select categories for 3x points for the following purchases:

  • Travel Purchases
  • Shipping Services
  • Internet/Cable/Phone Services
  • Social Media Advertisements
  • Search Engine Advertisements

Businesses that rely on a substantial internet presence are going to find this to be a huge benefit.  Social media advertisement and search engine buys (for instance, Google Adwords) are a huge part for many companies.  The 3x points earned for these categories is going to be a game changer when selecting a credit card for many businesses.

Another great feature of this card is the referral program.  For each business owner you refer to the card, you will be earning an additional 20,000 points.  You can check out a full review of the Chase Ink Preferred Referral Program to learn more.  Cardholders will also have the same employee card benefits received with the Ink Unlimited and Ink Cash Cards.

One of the biggest benefits that come with this card is the new cardholder sign up bonus.  This is one of the best sign up offers available to business owners.  Cardholders will earn 80,000 points after spending $5,000 on their account in the first 3 months.  This is the equivalent of $800.  If you redeem for travel with Chase Ultimate Rewards you will receive an additional 25% bonus making the new sign up offer worth a whopping $1,000.

The Chase Ink Preferred Card is going to be a much better choice for business that make substantial purchases for online advertising.  Additionally, the sign up bonuses is significantly higher than the other two business cards offered from Chase.

Redeeming Your Chase Ink Credit Card Rewards

The Chase Ink Unlimited and Chase Ink Cash Cards offer cash back.  You can redeem this back as statement credit to your to account.  The Chase Ink Preferred Card earn points which are redeemed through Chase Ultimate Rewards.  A great feature for all cards is that you have full flexibility with how you redeem your points.  All cards are able to redeem through Chase Ultimate Rewards which allows for options such as travel, gift cards, and cash back.

Get Ink Preferred – Responding To A Chase Credit Card Offer

If you have received an offer for the Chase Ink Preferred you will be directed to apply online at the Get Ink Preferred website.  The other Chase Credit Cards may also provide mail offers to selected individuals.  The pre-approval offers do not guarantee approval and a full application will need to be completed before you are approved.

The Get Ink Preferred offer requires customers to provide the 12 digit invitation number they received.  You will also be required to enter the zip code associated with the offer.  Once provided you will have access to your application where you can complete the process to apply.

Why Use A Business Credit Card For Your Small Business

Many small business owners are used to managing their own finances.  In the early stages of a business it may feel like your business finances and your personal finances are one and the same.  There are many benefits for separating your business finances from your personal expenses.  Tracking your spending and understanding your expenses is a huge benefit of separating your business expenses.  It will also help you manage your expenses when reporting taxes and business costs.

Another big reason to open a business credit card is to build your business’s credit.  Having access to a line of credit can be life saving for a business.  When you responsibly use a business credit card you are also making sure you always have an option if funding gets tight for you company.

Finally, if you are spending without earning rewards you are giving up free money.  Rewards earn up very quickly when all purchases are put on a credit card.  Just like your personal expenses, you can begin earning rewards for your business with the right business credit card.

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Final Thoughts – Chase Ink Business Cards

Ultimately, the choice of which card is best for your business is going to be fully dependent on the type of spending you incur.  The most straightforward option is going to be the Chase Ink Unlimited Card.  If you can take advantage of the 5% and 2% categories offered with the Ink Cash Card then this card will be preferred.  Finally, select businesses are going to find the premium Ink Preferred to be the clear choice.  All cards offer great features and provide great benefits for business owners.

Are you a small business owner?  Let us know in the comments which credit card you use for your business and what benefits you receive!


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