Chase Ink Preferred Referral – 20,000 Bonus Points Per Referral

Up To 100,000 Bonus Points Per Year


Chase Ink Preferred Referral Program

The Chase Ink Preferred is one of the most popular business credit cards for both small and large businesses.  It provides great features as well as one of the best sign up bonuses in the Credit Card industry.  Additionally, one of the lesser known aspects of this credit card is the easy to use referral program.  Customers are welcome to take advantage of for 20,000 bonus points per referral, up to 100,000 referral points each year (5 referral bonuses allowed annually)!

The Chase Ink Preferred Business Card has received high marks from consumers and critics.  Recently, a Forbes article comparing the top business credit cards ranked the Chase Ink Preferred as the “Best Overall Business Card”.  The Ink Preferred has received many similar accolades but if you have not yet utilized the referral program, you are leaving free bonus points on the table.  Chase Bank is one of the most popular credit card providers in the United States.  Many of their bonuses offers are the best in their credit card class.

How To Use Chase Ink Preferred Referrals

First, it is important to note that the referral program is only available to existing Ink Preferred customers.  If you are interested in the Ink Preferred Card you can visit the Chase homepage for the card which provides an offer overview and a link to the application.  For referrals, customers will want to visit this link to access the referral form.  This is where they can begin the process of sending a referral to another business.  When arriving at the referral website you will find the following form:

Above, you will see three fields which must be completed in order to start the referral process.  Customers will provide their last name, their billing zip code, and the last four digits on their active Ink Preferred Credit Card. The three fields are indicated above with yellow hash marks and all info must be provided to open a referral.  After you complete this information you will be able to provide an email address for the business which you are referring to the Ink Card.  This is the most important step in the referral process.  The customer you refer must use the referral link you provide them in order for you to receive your bonus.

Notifying Your Referee

After you have completed the referral process you can notify the business you have referred them.  They can check their email to find the referral link for their very own Chase Ink Preferred Credit Card.  If they accept your referral (again, using the link you provided them), you will be eligible for 20,000 Bonus Points.  Your points will be credited to your account after they are approved based on creditworthiness.  This referral program can be used a total of 5 times each year.  This brings the potential bonus value up to 100,000 points per year.

One of the main concerns some people have with referrals is that there may be better deals available for the person applying if they do not use the referral link.  Fortunately, this is not the case with the Ink Preferred Card.  New cardholders who apply with your referral link will still be eligible to receive the full sign up bonus available for the card.

Chase Ink Business Preferred Credit Card Features and Review

As mentioned above, there is no shortage of positive reviews for the Chase Ink Preferred Card.  It makes sense that this is a popular rewards card for businesses given the lucrative points which can be earned.  The sign up bonus for this credit card is one of the biggest credit card bonuses.  New cardholders are eligible for 80,000 bonus points when they activate a new account and meet the initial spending requirements for the bonus.  Redeeming 80,000 Bonus Points through Chase Ultimate Rewards (the Chase rewards spending portal) is worth a total of $1,000.  This is a huge credit card bonus when compared to other sign up offers.

New cardholders will be able to scoop up this bonus fairly easily.  With that said, there is a decent amount of spending required to complete the new cardholder sign up bonus.  After you account has been open and activated you will have 3 months to spend $5,000 on your new Ink Preferred Card to complete the 80,000 Bonus Point Offer.  After spending requirements have been met, your account will be credited with your new points.  Aside from the Bonus Offer and one of the best referral programs in the industry, this card also has many other strong features.

Chase Ink Preferred – Popular Features and Card Rewards:

  • Receive 1x Points For all purchases not eligible for the 3x point category
  • 25% Bonus for points if redeemed for Travel through Chase Ultimate Rewards
  • No foreign transaction fees and 1:1 point transfer ability with many partner airlines
  • Receive 3x Points for the first $150,000 spent each year on the following:
    • Travel Purchases
    • Shipping Services
    • Internet/Cable/Phone Services
    • Online Advertising (social media sites, etc)

The Chase Ink Preferred Card is one among the top choices for business credit cards.  The rewards provided with this credit card are largely unmatched by other similar cards.  One final thing to consider is that this credit card does have a $95 annual fee.  There are business credit cards available that do not have annual fees associated with them.  However, given the reward structure provided by The Ink Preferred Card, it is going to be well worth the fee for many business owners.

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