Chase Offers – Maximizing Your Cash Back With Chase


Earning Additional Cash With “Chase Offers”

Most Chase credit card customers are familiar with the rewards provided by their credit card.  What some cardholders may not realize is that there are additional ways to earn cash back beyond your standard credit card reward system.  Many Chase Credit Cards are eligible for Chase Offers which provide additional cash back when using your card at select vendors.

This program is completely free and no registration is required to participate in the rewards program.  Consumers will need to specifically choose and activate any offer they are interested in participating in.  Fortunately, the process is simple and only requires a click to complete.  Customers can browse offers online or through their Chase Mobile App and select the offers that will earn them big rewards.

How Chase Offers Works

Chase Offers
Chase Offers – How The Process Works

Activating your Chase Offers is a very simple process.  If you have received an email notification for your offers you can easily follow the link to view all available offers.  The easiest way to manage your offers will be through the Chase Mobile App.  Once you have downloaded and installed the Chase Mobile App you can access your Chase Account.  Here you will find all of the offers currently available.  Consumers can then select the offers you are interested in using and your additional cash back will be applied to your account.

There are some important things to keep in mind with this program.  First, it is designed so that offers are constantly being updated.  Regularly checking your offers will be the best way to make sure you are getting the most out of your cash back.  Additionally, offers do have an expiration date.  Chase members will need to be aware of when their offer expires if they are planning to take advantage of the deal.

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Tracking and Receiving Your Chase Offer Rewards

When you visit your Chase Offers page you will be able to view current offers, expired offers, and offers you have redeemed.  You will also see a running balance of the total amount of cash back you have earned.  This is an easy way to see how much you have saved by using the Chase Offer Program.

Customers can make purchases for cash back as soon as they activate a category.  Obviously, you will need to use your qualifying Chase Credit Card when making your purchase.  Once you have charged your account you will see your cash back posted to your rewards about 7-14 days later.  Your cash back can be redeemed just as any other cash back rewards you receive with your Chase Credit Card.

Chase Mobile and Chase Pay Apps

As mentioned above, the easiest way to manage your Chase Offers is through the Chase Mobile App.  It is quite clear that Chase is making this very simple for mobile users in an attempt to expand the user base of their app.  This may sound like a clever way to expand mobile app use but for most consumers you are likely already using the mobile app.  Furthermore, it is clearly a win win in this case as consumers will have access to great rewards and Chase will expand their Mobile Application User Base.

With this said, customers may also receive email notifications for Chase Offers.  You can also activate your offers this way.  The Chase Mobile App is available for Android and iOS.  Your login information for the app is the exact same information you use to access your account online.  In addition to managing your Chase Offers you will also have access to all other aspects of your credit card account management.


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