Chase Southwest 5¢ Per Gallon Shell Discount


Chase Southwest Cardholders Automatic Gold Status With Shell Fuel Rewards

  • Save 5¢ per gallon through 1/31/2019
  • Registration with Fuel Rewards is required
  • Gold Status good throughout 2019
  • Savings for up to 20 gallons per fill up
  • Offer good at US Shell Gas Stations

Chase, Southwest, and Shell have teamed up to offer Southwest Cardholders additional savings on gasoline for all of 2019.  Beginning immediately eligible consumers can register with Shell Fuel Rewards to begin saving today.  There are no prior spending requirements for those eligible for this offer.  Customers will need to sign up with Fuel Rewards and use their information when making purchases for gasoline at Shell.

Shell Fuel Rewards Program and Gold Status

The Shell Fuel Rewards Program is free to join for all consumers.  Currently, customers who sign up will receive 6 free months of gold status just for signing up.  However, if you are a Chase Southwest Cardholder you will be able to extend your sign up for 12 months of gold status.  Gold status members receive a 5¢ discount when buying fuel at participating Shell Stations.  If you fill up an average of 20 gallons, this would result in a dollars worth of savings each time you get gasoline.

Maintaining gold status with the program is fairly simple.  Once you have signed up you will need to swipe your Fuel Rewards Card or enter your Rewards ID in order to access your discount.  If you fill up 6 times in a 3 month period you will maintain your Gold Status with Fuel Rewards.  Each purchase must be at least 5 gallons worth of gas in order to qualify.

In addition to the gasoline discount, Fuel Reward members will also enjoy select restaurant, travel, and online shopping discounts.  When you make purchases with these partner members you will receive additional discounts on your gasoline purchases.  Members also receive special offers with for select in-store Shell purchases.  If you frequently visit a participating Shell Station this rewards program can add up to some serious savings.

Shell Fuel Rewards 5¢ Discount Registration

As mentioned above, registration with Shell Fuel Rewards is required to participate in this offer.  The process is simple and can be completed online in seconds.  Chase Southwest Cardholders can visit this page to access their Gold Status Offer.  To register you will be required to provide the following:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Zip code
  • Set up a password

Once you have created your account you will be provided with a Fuel Rewards Card and a Fuel Rewards ID.  When making a purchase at a participating Shell Station it will be necessary to enter your ID or swipe your card in order to participate in the savings opportunity.

Final Thoughts

For customers who frequently purchase their gasoline at a participating Shell Station this is going to be a great deal.  Simply ask your local Shell Station Employee to see if they participate if you are unsure.  This offer is quite a bit better than the standard 6 months of Gold Status provided through the public Fuel Rewards new member sign up.  If you with to keep your Gold Status after 2019 you will need to continue purchasing gasoline at least 6 times per 3 month period (at least 5 gallons).  For more Chase Offers you can download their Chase Mobile App to get the latest deals with Chase.


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