Citi Simplicity 21 Month Balance Transfer Review


Citi Simplicity Credit Card Review

The Citi Simplicity Card is designed for consumers looking for a balance transfer opportunity or zero intro purchase APR.  Highlights of this card include an extended 21 month, zero percent interest rate on balance transfers.  Customers also receive 0% interest on new purchases for 12 months.  The primary downside of the Simplicty Card is the lack of a rewards program.  Cardholders will not receive an rewards when using their card.  Overall, we recommend reward cards but for consumers looking for an extended balance transfer offer may find this card appealing.

Citi Simplicity Card - A Very Nice Blue Design
Citi Simplicity Card – A Very Nice Blue Design

Citi Simplicity Pros and Cons

The Citi Simplicity Card offers some very nice features for consumers who are looking for low interest rates.  In particular, this card will be best for balance transfers.  Furthermore, the card offers a great zero free structure.  Highlight features include:

  • 21 months 0% interest on balance transfers
  • 12 months 0% interest on new purchases
  • No payments fees
  • No interest rate penalties for missed payments
  • No annual fee

As you can see, this credit card is quite forgiving.  No fees or penalties are incurred if you missed your monthly payment.  Additionally, the zero percent introductory rate is very competitive among these types of credit cards.  With this said, The Simplicity Card has some fatal drawbacks.  Lowlights include:

  • No Reward Program
  • High balance transfer fee of 5%
  • Short lived purchase intro APR
  • No sign up bonus

On first glance, none of these drawbacks may disqualify The Simplicity Card.  However, once you consider alternatives, it is very clear that this card is less than impressive.  One of the biggest competitors would be the Chase Slate (A Balance Transfer Best Best).  While The Slate Card does not compete in terms of intro period grace period (21 months vs 15 months for The Slate Card), there are is no transfer fee with The Slate Card.  Meanwhile, The Citi Simplicity charges are whopping 5% transfer rate.  On a $5,000 transfer, this would result in $250 in immediate charges to your balance.

Furthermore, credit cards like the Capital One Quicksilver Card offer a competitive rewards program and an intro 0% APR.  The Quicksilver Card charges a transfer fee of 3%.  In this case, you are receiving less of a transfer fee and a competitive rewards program (plus, a sign up bonus).

Citi Apply Citi Simplicity Mail Offers

Citi routinely provides consumers with pre-approved offers for credit cards.  If you have reviewed you options and have decided The Simplicity Card is the best card for you, your application can be completed online.  In order to access your offer you will need to complete the following form:

Citi Apply Citi Simplicity - Invitation To Apply
Citi Apply Citi Simplicity – Invitation To Apply

The invitation code your received in your mail offer will be required to access your application.  Applicants will also need to provide their last name.  Once you have entered this information you will be transferred to you partially completed application.  Consumers will need to complete the remaining required fields.  Credit decisions are typically provided as soon as your submit your information for a credit review.

Check out our review on Pre-Qualifying For Citi Credit Cards to learn more about their offers.

Citi Alternative to The Simplicity Card

Citi offers one credit card that we highly recommend over The Simplicity Card.  The Citi Double Cash is one of the best cash back cards in the game.  In addition to 1% cash back with purchases and 1% cash back when you pay, this card also offers 0% interest on balance transfer for 15 months.  Just as impressive, The Double Cash Card only charges 3% for balance transfers.  This card provides long term value with its reward program and the balance transfer offer is nearly as good as the Citi Simplicity Card.

Final Thoughts – Citi Simplicity Transfer Card

If your primary interest is finding a credit card with an extended transfer offer the Simplicity Card is a decent choice.  Overall, this card is lacking in key features such as transfer fees and rewards programs.  It does provide one of the longest zero percent interest rates for balance transfers.  Consumers should plan to pay off their transfer balance before the intro period expires to avoid costly interest fees.  What is your favorite balance transfer credit card?  Let us know in the comments below!


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