Citizens Bank Checking Offer Up To $600


Citizens Bank Targeted Checking Account Offer

Select individuals are currently receiving targeted offers for opening a new checking account with Citizens Bank.  This offer requires customers to submit the offer code they received by mail or email.  The current bonus offer is one of the best checking account offers we have seen.  Targeted potential clients stand to earn up to $600 with only a $2,000 deposit.  This may be too good of an opportunity to pass up if you have been selected for this offer and are in search of a new account.

Qualifying For The Checking Account Bonus

The Citizens Bank Checking Offer applies to two of their account options – The One Deposit Checking Account and The Citizens Bank Platinum Checking Account.  To earn the bonus offer you will need to set up your new account and make a qualifying direct deposit.  Your bonus will be based off of the direct deposit amount made in the first 60 days of opening your account.  The bonus is tier as follows:

  • Direct deposit of $500 earns a $200 bonus
  • Direct deposit of $1,000 earns a $400 bonus
  • Finally, a direct deposit of $2,000 earns a $600 bonus

The return rate on this bonus is 40% for the first two tiers of the bonus.  The final tier comes in at a 30% bonus.  Consumers should absolutely pursue the highest bonus category.  This is a great opportunity to earn a huge reward with very little capital necessary.

This current offer is available to customers who receive a code and set up their new account by March 28th, 2019.  The offer can be completed online (, in branch, or by phone (888-211-5451).  Accessing your offer online will require completion of the following form:

Citzens Bank Checking Offer
Citzens Bank Checking Offer Form – Offer Code Required

After completing the form you will be able to select the checking account product and complete the application process.  Your bonus will be applied to your account after qualifying direct deposit requirements have been completed.

One Deposit Checking Account vs. Platinum Checking Account

At a glance there are two big differences between the two checking account options available for this bonus offer.  The biggest factors most consumers will be concerned about is the servicing fee and how that fee can be waived.  With the One Deposit Checking Account customers will have a $9.99 monthly servicing fee.  If you set up a recurring direct deposit (at least one per month), this fee will be waived.  The Platinum Checking Account has a $25 monthly servicing fee.  Customers can have this fee waived when maintaining a $25,000 balance across all Citizens Bank Accounts.

For the consumer looking for a low fee checking account with good features the One Deposit Account is likely going to be preferred.  With this said, if you invest with Citizen One or plan to maintain a higher balance in your account ($25,000+), then the extra features of the Platinum Account will be a nice bonus.  You can review the account features when selecting your new account and decide which option will be best for your circumstances.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, this offer is not going to be available to all consumers and offer codes are non-transferable.  Checking account bonuses are not unusual but this is is substantially higher than most competitors.  These checking products are not located in all regions.  If you have been selected for this offer it is a great chance to earn an incredible bonus.  Let us know in the comments if you have received this offer and whether or not you have taken advantage of this bonus opportunity!


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