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Citizens One Personal Loans

Personal loans are becoming very popular alternatives to credit cards for funding expenses.  One look at your “junk” mail will make it clear just how popular these loans have become.  Banks are regularly sending out offers for personal loan incentives and pre-qualification.  There are many factors to consider when deciding if a personal loan is right for you which we will review in just a minute.  Currently, Citizens One is offering customers a $150 Amazon Gift Card when opening a new loan account.  Let’s take a look at this offer in more detail.

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Closing A $10,000+ Personal Loan For a $150 Amazon Giftcard

This offer is very straightforward.  For a limited time potential Citizens One customers will qualify for a $150 Amazon giftcard after opening up a new personal loan account.  The minimum loan amount to qualify for this offer is $10,000.  Loans are offered up to $50,000 (minimum of $5,000).  This offer is provided by pre-qualification invitation for customers who have received notice from Citizens One.

If you have received an invitation for this offer you will be directed to the offer website (  You will need to provide the invitation code you received on the mailer.  Enter your invitation code and you will be redirected to your personal loan application.  A full credit review will be necessary before approval.  If approved for at least the $10,000 minimum to qualify for the offer you will receive a $150 Amazon Giftcard.

Reviewing Your Offer – No Credit Check Required

One very nice feature about personal loans with Citizens One is that you can review your loan details before submitting to a credit review.  This is very important when shopping around for a personal loan.  Potential loan seekers should review their interest rates with multiple banks to determine which bank provides the best rate.  It is important that no hard credit pull is required before reviewing your offers with potential lenders.  Your interest rate will be the primary factor that determines the best loan option.

Factors To Consider When Looking For A Personal Loan – How Does Citizens One Stack Up?

  • Interest rate
  • Loan origination fees
  • Prepayment penalties
  • Late fees

As mentioned above, your interest rate is the primary factor that will save you money over the life of you loan.  This should be your number one priority when searching for a personal loan.  Citizens One charges no fees for loan origination, prepayment or late payments.  Late payment fees are pretty common and is a nice aspect for this offer but should not drive your decision as payments should always be made on time.

If you have found another lender offer a lower rate you should compare additional fees like origination fees and prepayment penalties.  Ideally, your personal loan should be paid off as quickly as possible to avoid interest.  This is why no prepayment penalties are important.  Origination fees can also be costly so be sure to double check this before deciding on a lender.

A quick search of online reviews for Citizens One Personal Loans shows they are highly rated by most finance reviewers.  They also have high marks from customers for their provided services.  For instance, on Credit Karma they have been rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by customers who have opened a loan.

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Personal Loans vs Credit Cards

Everyone want to avoid debt but there are many instances where people have no other choice but to finance expenses.  The first choice should always be to put off a purchase until you can afford it.  Personal loans and credit cards are horrible options for financing purchases that are not absolutely necessary.  With this said, personal loans have a huge advantage compared to running up credit card debt.

Most consumers will be able to secure a personal loan at a far lower rate than the average credit card.  Credit card rates vary but typically they range from about 16-25%.  Personal loans on the other hand will charge interest rates generally less than 10%.  For instance, The Citizens One Personal Loans offers rates below 7%.  Over the course of your repayment you stand to save thousands of dollars by choosing a personal loan over a credit card.

Another feature of personal loans is the ability to select your own terms to fit your budget.  Loan terms can be customized to make your repayment expense more flexible.  The best strategy is to choose the shortest repayment period that you can comfortably afford.  This will result in less interest charged to your loan.

Final Thoughts On This Offer

As personal loans rise in popularity we are going to see more and more incentives to get customers to apply.  Consumers should only apply for personal loans when they are absolutely necessary.  If you have shopped around and found that Citizens One offers you a competitive rate then this is a great offer for you.  After all, who couldn’t use $150 Amazon Cash?!  The loan terms with this bank have no unfair fees but ultimately it will come down to the interest rate you are offered.

Have you applied for a personal loan with an offer incentive?  Let us know about your experience in the comments below!


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