Free Credit Score Check With Credit Sesame – Is It Worth It?

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Credit Sesame Review: Legit Free Credit Score? (2019)

  • Obtain a free credit score with Credit Sesame
  • A credit card is NOT required and it won’t impact your score
  • Knowing your credit score is a must as it will help you save money on loan rates
  • Must be 18 years of age older and a legal resident of the United States
  • Credit Sesame is safe and easy to use

Your credit score is based on 3 main factors:

  1. Payment History: Do you make on-time payments
  2. Credit Utilization: Comparing how much total credit you have available to borrow with the amount of debt owed helps banks understand your credit utilization
  3. Credit Age: Lenders like to see older credit accounts

Users who sign up with Credit Sesame will have access to their Vantage Credit Score immediately.  Your score and your credit profile is updated for free each month.  This allows Credit Sesame users to track their score overtime and understand how their financial habits impact their credit.  Free credit monitoring is a great way to be smart about your credit.

Check out Credit Sesame vs Credit Karma to obtain more details in regards to this credit score monitoring company.

Why Should Consumers Check Their Credit Score?

  • Monitor their credit report for reporting errors
  • Understand how competitive you are for credit and loans
  • Track your score over time to make sure you are building your credit
  • Credit scores are used for more than credit – insurance rates, housing and more all rely on credit history
  • Look for opportunities to improve your credit

Credit scores are not only important for people looking for a new loan.  Credit histories are reviewed for many everyday things and having poor credit can impact you negatively.  For instance, many insurance rates are in part determined based on credit reviews.  Even new employers may review your credit history before hiring your to a job.

Not knowing your credit is a huge mistake that far too many people are guilty of.  Free options like Credit Sesame make it so that there is little excuse not to stay on top of your credit.  Consumers need to make their credit score a priority.  Credit Sesame provides several free tools to help consumers understand their score and learn way to improve their credit.  For additional information about one of the easiest “hacks” to improve your credit, learn more about Credit Utilization and how you can quickly improve your score.

Credit Sesame Customer Service

  • For help:
  • For feedback:
  • 444 Castro St., Ste 500, Mountain View, CA 9404
  • 100 Montgomery St., San Francisco, CA 94104

What about a Credit Sesame Phone Number?

Unfortunately, Credit Sesame does not provide a toll-free number.

They state the following “At Credit Sesame we are all about using technology to help our members. Email allows our support team to be more efficient and respond more thoroughly with helpful links, screenshots, and articles. Use this form to send our Member Success team an email or email us anytime at”.

Please note usually, People often get confused between credit scores and credit reports. Whereas a credit report consists of detailed information of your credit card transactions, and credit score is generated based on that your credit report. Read about the major difference between the credit report and credit score.


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