Delta Gold Card – Maximizing Your Bonus Offer


Delta Gold Card Sign Up Offers – Getting The Best Bonus

Airline branded credit cards are some of the most popular travel cards but finding the best offer requires good timing and a little bit of luck.  The Delta SkyMiles Gold Card by American Express (Not be be confused with the AMEX Gold Card) provides great offers when opening a new account.  With that said, applicants are noticing that there are huge differences in the sign up bonuses available for the Delta Gold Card.  At this moment, the public offer available for the Delta SkyMiles Gold Card provides a respectable 30,000 Bonus Miles.  Interestingly, many consumers are reporting targeted offers of up to 75,000 bonus miles.  With this in mind, let’s explore how you can maximize your Delta SkyMiles Sign Up Offer.

Delta Gold SkyMiles Welcome Offer – Public Vs Targeted Offers

As mentioned, anyone can apply for this credit card at the Amex Delta Card Website.  At the time of this writing, applicants receive a 30,000 Bonus Mile Sign Up Offer.  This is the “public offer” available for the credit card.  Some individuals are receiving “targeted offers” by mail or email with sign up bonus of 75,000 miles.  Anyone interested in this credit card is going to want to maximize their welcome offer.  It seems there are a couple things consumers can do to improve their odds of getting a bigger bonus.

Two Strategies To (Hopefully) Increase Your Sign Up Offer

  1. Be Sure You Have Not “Opted Out” From Receiving Credit Offers – Anyone who has received what some consider “junk mail” often find the familiar Prescreen Opt Out Website (  If you have previously removed your name from pre-screened credit offers through this website, you will likely not receive any targeted credit offers.  Some people prefer getting a little less mail every year.  Other people prefer huge sign up bonuses and free travel – ultimately, this is a decision you will have to make for yourself.  To me, the answer is obvious.
  2. Sign Up For The Delta SkyMiles Reward Programs – The SkyMiles program is a free rewards program which allows you to earn Miles with Delta Airlines.  Once you sign up, you may be more likely to receive email or mail offers because they will already have your information on record.  Many consumers report after signing up for a SkyMiles Account they received a targeted offer for the Amex Delta Gold SkyMiles Card.

There is technically a third step involved in this process but it should be the easiest – patience.  After you complete the two actions above, you can sit back and wait to see if you receive a targeted credit offer for the Delta Amex Gold Card.  If you do, please let us know in the comments of this article!

Delta Gold Card – The 30,000 Bonus Mile Offer

There are confirmed reports of offers up to 75,000 Bonus Miles but as discussed, this offer is not going to be available to everyone.  Many Delta Customers are asking themselves if they should go for the public offer (currently, 30,000 Miles) or hold out on the chance to receive a bigger targeted offer.  The choice is yours, however, it is worth mentioning that the 30,000 public offer is substantial and very easy to complete.

The offer screenshot above is what new Delta SkyMile members will be offered upon completing their sign up.  As you can see, there is a 30,000 Mile Welcome Bonus after $1,000 has been spent on your new account in the first 3 months.  Additionally, customers will earn a $50 credit when they make a Delta purchase in the first 3 months of opening an account.  Card applicants should be savvy and make sure they time their application at a time when they are ready to take advantage of the $50 credit.  Overall, this is a very nice welcome offer with low spending requirements.  Now, let’s take a look at the bigger targeted offer.

Delta Gold Card – Targeted Offers Up To 75,000 Miles

Like most targeted credit card bonus offer campaigns, it is difficult to know exactly who is being targeted and if there is any realistic chance to increase your odds of receiving an offer.  We do know that there are mailers being sent to select customers with offers of up to 75,000 Bonus Miles.  This is 2.5x as big as the welcome offer discussed above.  If you a holding out to apply for the bigger bonus offer then patience may be needed.

What We Know About The Delta 75,000 Bonus Mile Welcome Offer

The offer is is only available for selected SkyMile members.  Anyone can provide their SkyMiles Account Number on the offer website to see if they are eligible.  If you have not been selected, you will be notified that your account does not have an offer associated with it.

The offer page clearly states that the account will have been notified by email or mail if they are eligible (fine print highlighted above).  This being said, there is no reason not to check to see if you account is eligible for the offer.  Simply enter your SkyMiles Account Number and your last name to check your offer status.  Some applicants are getting lucky and finding that the offer is available to them even though they did not know they were selected.

The 75,000 Bonus Mile offer has some different spending requirements and it seems most people are reporting an offer with the following requirements:

  • 50,000 Bonus Miles Awarded after spending $2,000 in the first three months of opening a new account
  • 25,000 Bonus Miles Awarded after spending an additional $1,000 in the first six months of opening a new account
  • Completion of both bonus offer requirements results in a total of 75,000 Bonus Miles
  • Offers do expire but your letter or email will indicate what your offer deadline is

Better To Apply Now Or Wait For A Bigger Offer?

The big question that Delta fans will face is when to apply to maximize their offer.  My advice is simple, apply whenever makes the most sense with your travel plans.  If you are planning a big trip and want to fly with Delta, the 30,000 bonus miles will go a long way towards getting you to your destination.  Planning your travels around credit card offers is not the way to go.

For travelers who love Delta but do not have travel plans they were hoping to use miles for, then patience may be the way to go.  Take our advice mentioned earlier and sign up for your SkyMiles Membership.  The sign up is free and can be easily completed on line.  Once your information is with Delta, you may be one of the lucky SkyMiles Members to receive a bigger welcome offer!

Delta Gold Card – Features and Card Details

The Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express is one of four Delta branded credit cards.  The other three cards are The Blue Delta Card, Platinum Delta Card, and The Delta Reserve Card.  We will explore the other cards in future posts but the Delta Gold Card is considered by most to be the “sweet spot” of the Delta Cards.  The Blue Card is a no annual fee card but does not come with the same bonuses and features the Gold Card has.  The Platinum and Reserve are more premium card than the Gold and typically used by big time Delta Customers.

Delta Gold Card account holders will enjoy the following benefits with their credit card:

  • Earn 1 Mile for each dollar spent using your card (2x Miles for Delta purchases)
  • Mile earnings are unlimited and there is no cap on rewards
  • Cardholders enjoy free priority boarding when booking with their card
  • Cardholders receive 1 free checked bag when booking travel with their card
  • Credit decisions are available in as little as 30 seconds when applying

Final Thoughts – Delta SkyMiles Credit Card Bonus Offers

Credit Card Bonus Offers provide incredible deals for consumers.  Before applying for any new credit card you should think about how it will fit in to your overall personal finance decisions.  Never open an account just for the sake of chasing a bonus offer.  Your credit history is much more important than free miles.  That being said, if you love to travel and regularly fly with Delta, The Delta Gold Card is certainly a credit card worth considering.  We recommend applying for this card when you anticipate being able to use the Bonus Miles.  For consumers who have flexibility with their timing, keeping an eye out for a bigger targeted bonus offer is the way to go.

If you receive an offer from Delta (or any other credit offer) you can easily determine how good of a deal it is.  Simply Google the credit card and compare your offer to the publicly available offer.  For the Delta Card, any bonus offer of 50,000 Miles or above has historically been considered very good.  The 75,000 Mile Bonus currently circulating means consumers can expect to keep seeing big targeted offers so be sure to keep your eyes open and report back to us if you receive any new offers from Delta!

Have your received an offer for the Delta Gold Card?  Please leave us a comment below describing your offer!

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