Experian Data Breach Settlement (Claim $40 at ExpDataBreachSettlement.com)



Class members can claim up to $40 in Experian Data Breach Class Action Settlement.

The case was under review in the U.S. District Court, Central District of California.

The deadline to file a claim form has passed (claim form deadline was 4/11/2019).

You can still learn more about the case by visiting www.expdatabreachsettlement.com.

It is being reported that nearly 16 million people were affected by this data breach.

Experian Data Breach Settlement

A mind-blowing 22 million dollar settlement has been reached to resolve the 2015 Experian Data Breach where hackers made of with consumers names, addresses, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, identification numbers (driver’s license numbers, military ID numbers, or passport ID’s!

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Experian admits no action of wrongdoing but has agreed to the $22,000,000 settlement in order to avoid further court cost.

ExpDataBreachSettlement.com Payments?

Class members who file valid claims by 4/11/2019 will receive two years of free credit monitoring and insurance services as well as up to $40 in a cash payment.

The exact settlement any one class member will receive may differ.

Experian Data Breach Class Action Settlement Claim Form?

Class members have several options when filing a claim to receive a slice of the 22 million dollar settlement pie.

Please note you must have the 12 digit claim number in order to file a claim.

The 12 digit Experian Data Breach Class Action Settlement claim number will be located above the class members name on the notification letter.

ExpDataBreachSettlement Contact Information

Any questions in regards to the case can be directed to 1-844-730-2030.

The Experian Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit is entitled In re: Experian Data Breach Litigation and is under review in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

Class members do not have to hire a lawyer as the court has already appointed Daniel S. Robinson from ROBINSON CALCAGNIE INC.

Daniel S. Robinson can be reached at 888-348-8855.

All claim forms MUST be in before 4/11/2019.

Settlement Link: www.expdatabreachsettlement.com