First Savings Credit Card Review


First Savings CC Designed For Subprime Credit

Credit card options for subprime consumers is becoming a very big industry.  Many banks are offering credit cards designed for individuals with poor credit histories.  The cards offered from First Savings is one example of this type of credit card.  There are varying terms available for The First Savings MasterCard and your offer may or may not be worth pursuing (depending on fees and interest rate).

Before we get in to the specifics of the First Savings Credit Card you may want to review our guide on credit cards designed for fair credit.  These credit cards are all great options for consumers with less than perfect credit.  Unfortunately, not all consumers will qualify for the best offers.  First Savings offers credit cards for consumers who may otherwise not be able to find a more mainstream credit card option.

First Savings Credit Card
First Savings Credit Card

First Savings Credit Card Features and Benefits

As mentioned above, there are multiple terms available for this credit card.  Annual fees vary from zero annual fee up to $75 depending on your qualifications.  Interest rates also vary from 17.5% up to 29.9%.  A full list of credit card agreements with First Savings CC can be found here.

It should be pointed out that any review of the First Savings Credit Card would be contingent on your terms.  If you have received an offer with a $75 annual fee at an interest rate of 29.9%, this would not be an advisable credit card offer.  However, if your offer was a much lower annual fee and interest rate, then your offer may be a good opportunity.  If you have received an offer with First Credit, please let us know what the terms of your offer was in the comments below.  Updates will be provided based on consumer feedback.

First Savings CC – Accepting A Mail Offer

The primary method First Savings markets their credit card is through pre-screened offers by mail or email.  Customers can review their offer before accepting the terms of their credit card.  In order to access your offer you will need to complete the following form:

First Savings CC Reservation Form
First Savings CC Reservation Form

Potential applicants will need to provide the reservation and access code they received with their offer.  You will then need to verify your address.  Customers will then verify their information and the acceptance form.  If you are prepared to move forward with your application you will then be able to accept your First Savings CC Offer.

Fist Savings Credit Card Account Login and Online Registration

Customers who use the First Savings Credit Card can manage their account online.  Login will require you to provide your user name and password created during registration.  The online login form is as follows:

First Savings CC Acocunt Login
First Savings CC Acocunt Login

You will not be able to access your online account until you have registered your account online.  Initial registration with First Savings CC requires you to provide your full account information for verification.  Customers will need to provide their full card number, the expiration date, the security code, and the last four digits of your SSN.  Registration is only required a single time.  After completing registration you can simply login using the account access portal as shown above.

Other Credit Card Options To Consider

A new line of credit cards options are beginning to emerge that to not require the same credit history specifications.  Options like the Petal Card rely on a holistic approach when reviewing your eligibility.  These cards will review additional information like your income and banking data to determine your approval.

Another great option for subprime consumers would be secured credit cards.  These types of credit cards require an initial deposit to “secure” your card.  There is of course going to be an initial fee associated with the card but this is refundable if you close your account in good standing.  Three of the best secured options are the Discover it Secured, The Capital One Secured Card, and Citi Secured MasterCard.  All of these credit cards have no annual fee.  It is highly preferred to get a zero annual fee secured card than pay fees for an unsecured card.

Final Thoughts – First Savings MasterCard

Ultimately your specific offer will be judged on the terms you received.  If you have received an offer with no annual fee the First Savings Credit Card could be a great choice.  However, as many of their terms require an annual fee, there will be lots of consumers who should look elsewhere for no fee cards.  Saving up for an initial deposit for a secured card is the best choice if you are a subprime consumer in need of a new credit card.  Your deposit is completely refundable and will save you substantially over the life of your credit card.

Check out this article for additional information on building credit and let us know what card has worked out best for you in the comments below!


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