Fred Meyer Rewards® World MasterCard® Review


Freddy’s MasterCard

  • Earn 1 point on each dollar spent
  • Earn 2 points on each dollar spent at Fred Meyer Stores
  • 500 points can be redeemed for $5 in rewards
  • 0% introductory APR for purchases and balance transfers
  • No annual fee

The Fred Meyer Rewards World MasterCard provides rewards for Fred Meyer purchases.  This is a full service MasterCard that can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted.  With that said, this credit card will primarily appeal to very loyal Fred Meyer customers.  Rewards are exclusively used for Fred Meyer purchases.  This card also provides gas discounts when qualifying purchases are made.

Applying For the Fred Meyer Rewards World MasterCard

Applications can be completed online.  Customers can learn about card benefits and apply through the main credit card website (  When you click on the “Apply Now” link you will find that you are directed to a secure US Bank application page.  This credit card is issued by US Bank and your online account will also be managed through US Bank.

Freddy MasterCard Card Benefits

Freddy MasterCard
Fred Meyers MasterCard – A Clean Black Design

As highlighted above, this card provides double reward points when shopping at Fred Meyer Stores.  This is going to be the main appeal of this card.  There are no other categories that provide bonus rewards.  However, all other purchases do earn a single point for each dollar spent.  After customers rack up 500 rewards points they can be redeemed for $5 towards a Fred Meyer purchase.

Another benefit worth mentioning is the gas discounts.  When customers redeem 1,000 fuel points they are eligible for up to a $1.25 discount per gallon of gas purchased at Fred Meyer Fuel Centers.  This offer is available for the first year for new cardholders.  After the first year, customers will receive a bonus $0.05 discount instead of the $0.25.

Other benefits include up to 9 billing statements without interest fees for purchases and balance transfers.  Cardholders will also be charged no annual fee for the Freddy MasterCard.

Final Thoughts on the Freddy MasterCard

Overall, there are much better reward cards out there but for some frequent Fred Meyer Shoppers this card will have some appeal.  With no annual fee the card does not pose a major drawback financially.  This would be a card which would be best used when making purchases at Fred Meyer Stores.  If you have other reward cards that earn more than than 1% back, these will be better options when making purchases elsewhere.

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