Frontier Airlines World MasterCard – Benefits and Review


Frontier Airlines World MasterCard – Barclaycards Co-Branded Credit Card

Most airlines offer a co-branded credit card which allows you to earn points or miles.  These points and miles can then be redeemed for flight purchases with the particular airline.  Frontier Airlines is famously known as being a budget airline.  They provide some of the cheapest flight options to some seriously awesome destinations.  A full flight map can be found here.  Some of their most popular destinations include Denver, Las Vegas, Cancun, San Diego, Austin, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, St. Louis, and New York.  Given the fact that their airfares tend to be much more competitively priced than competitors, it is no wonder that Frontier has become a major player in the air!  They are also a major player in the travel rewards credit card space.  The Frontier MaserCard is available to consumers to earn rewards with Frontier Airlines.

The Frontier Airlines MasterCard – “The Sky Is For Everyone”

One of the first things that should be addressed when reviewing the benefits of a Frontier MasterCard is to point out that while the airline is widely known as being a budget flight provider, the credit card packs a major punch in terms of what it provides to customers.  Travel credit cards (particularly airline cards) are commonly considered to fall under the “premium” credit card category.   This is primarily due to the fact that they generally have an annual fee.  In this regard, Frontier would meet that description as it does have a $79 annual fee.  While this is lower than some competing airline cards, it still places this card in a similar class.

One of the sneaky benefits of this credit card is that the annual fee can essentially be paid for by itself if this card is regularly used.  The Frontier Card provides members with a $100 flight voucher each year.  The voucher is awarded on their credit card anniversary when they complete a total annual spending on their card totaling at least $2,500.  This amount could easily be reached by many card members.  One easy strategy is to add a few automatic bill payments to your card.  The $100 voucher credit would more than compensate for the annual fee associated with this card.

Frontier MasterCard Welcome Bonus

Another highly underrated aspect of the Frontier Airlines Credit Card is that the welcome bonus is extremely attainable.  Total bonus offers vary but are often up to 40,000 points.  Many competing travel cards have spending requirements of thousands of dollars which must be completed in a very short period of time after opening your new account.  If you do not complete the spending total, then you are no longer eligible for the bonus offer.  This is a new credit card owners worst nightmare.  The Frontier Card requires only $500 spending in the first three months of opening your new account.  If completed, you will be eligible for the up to 40,000 bonus miles.  While the welcome offer may change, this offer is currently publicly available to all new applicants.

The $100 travel voucher is provided annually to card members who spend $2,500 on their account. The 40,000 miles welcome bonus is a one time deal.  These are both hallmark features of this credit card that make it a real contender in the travel card space.  In addition to these great aspects, customers will also enjoy:

  • 5x miles with Frontier purchases
  • 3x miles on all US restaurant purchases
  • 1x miles on all other credit card charges
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • No Mileage expiration dates
  • 0% balance transfer eligibility for some customers

Applying For A Frontier Air MasterCard

Applying for a Frontier Credit Card can be completed online ( by following the Apply Now link.  This will bring  you to the main application.  If you have received a pre-approved offer letter you can also follow the specific application link that was provided with your letter.  You will need to enter your Personal ID Code to access your individual application.  Following the link will bring you to the public offer available for all applicants.  No application code is needed to apply.

During the application process you will be asked to provide the standard information that is requested during a credit check for a new line of credit.  This would include basic information such as your name and contact information and your financial information (income, employer).  You will also need to provide your social security number to verify your credit.  Once your application is submitted most decisions will be provided instantly.

What Can Customers Expect From Frontier In The Future?

If you regularly fly Frontier this credit card could be a great option for you.  Customers earn additional miles to spend towards your dream vacation (or even boring business trips).  With this in mind, it is important to think about Frontier’s future when you are committing to their credit card.  After all, a credit card decision impacts your score so you better feel comfortable with the future of the company.

Frontier Airlines is rapidly expanding.  If Frontier flies from your city you have probably noticed that they are available for more and more flights.  In fact, the stated goal from Frontier is to expand their trips three fold by 2027.  They are constantly announcing new routes.  It is likely that flyers will continue to see more and more options available with Frontier.

Final Thoughts:  Like most airline cards, the Frontier Card does have an annual fee.  With this said, the welcome bonus and the $100 voucher credit make this card worth the cost for many travelers.  If you are a regular Frontier Customer, there are not many reasons to avoid this credit card. For consumers who are able to commit to meeting the $2,500 spending requirement to obtain $100 voucher each year, it is practically a no brainer.

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