Get Chase Slate Invitation Number 0% intro APR Promotional Review


Chase Slate Card

One of the better credit cards on the market for consumers who are looking to transfer high-interest credit card debt.

Has been named to “Best Balance Transfer Credit Card” by WalletHub since 2013.

To apply simply visit and follow the on-screen instructions.

You must be 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of the United States in order to secure the Chase Slate card.

Get Chase Slate 0% intro APR Review

  • A great card for consumers looking to transfer high-interest credit card debt
  • Must be 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of the United States
  • Visit to apply
  • Issued by JPMorgan Chase & Co.

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Chase Slate Card Offer Highlights

  • New applicants will receive 0% intro APR for 15 months on purchases and balance transfers
  • No annual fee
  • Chase Slate applicants who have a FICO score of 700 or greater should have no problem with approval

Get Chase Slate Offer Reviews

Generally speaking, the Chase Slate card received favorable reviews from around the web… let’s check them out!

All of the above credit card blogs rave about how the Chase Slate credit card is a great addition to consumers wallets.

Chase Slate Card

Chase Slate Credit Card Customer Service

  • Phone: 1-800-935-9935
  • Outside the U.S.: 1-713-262-3300
  • Domestic Chase Military Services: 1-877-469-0110

What is the Chase Slate Credit Limit?

After calling the Chase customer service hotline it appears that the minimum credit limit you can receive via the Slate card is $5,000.

The average credit limit on this Chase Slate credit card is $10,000.

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Chase Slate Rewards?

This card has no reward program at this time as the main card benefit is the ability to transfer balances with an introductory fee of $0.

The balance transfer must be made during the first 60 days of opening a Chase Slate card account.

It should also be noted that paying late won’t raise your interest rate (APR).

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Other cards to consider?

The Citi Simplicity credit card offers 0% for 21 months on balance transfers.

The DiscoverIT cash back credit card offers 0% introductory APR for 14 months but comes with a reward program.

chase slate balance transfer

Chase Slate Balance Transfer?

Chase Slate offers a mind-blowing introductory fee of $0 when transferring a balance during the first 60 days your card account is open.

This is one heck of a deal and one of the top balance transfer promotions in the credit card arena.

After 60 days the fee for future balance transfers is 5% of the amount transferred, with a minimum of $5.

The Chase Slate credit card is considered one of the best balance transfer cards on the market.


Chase Slate Credit Limit?

If your lucky enough to be approved for this popular credit card you should start out with a minimum credit limit of $500.

Some applicants may receive a higher limit depending on their credit rating and history.

Those who would like to apply for a credit limit increase can visit

Chase Slate Credit Score?

If you have a credit score of 650 or better you should have no problem getting approved for this card.

Some Chase Slate applicants have even gotten approved with a credit score as low as 600 according to reports. But the lower your score is, most likely the lower your credit limit will be.

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Why would you get the Chase Slate Card?

The main reason a consumer would want to apply for the Slate credit card from Chase is to get out of high-interest debt.

Get Chase Slate Invitation Website


    • Perhaps try again. The site appears to be working just fine. Remember you will need to have your Get Chase Slate Invitation Number on hand to access your application.

  1. so a quick review on the chase slate card: I applied 2 months ago and got approved with a credit score of 635. the Balance transfer deal is the jam as I transferred all my high interest credit card debt and saved a boat load of money. this was all under the advice of my financial advisor. I cannot recommend the chase slate card enough!

    • Hey Scott, no. If you have a 580 credit rating we suggest waiting until you improve your score to 650 or better. Good luck!

    • yea like Dan the man said do not apply for the chase slate card with that credit score… yikes!! improve your score to 650 plus … then apply… godspeed

  2. hey creditliftoff team! where would u rank the slate credit card among the chase freedom, capital one venture and AMEX gold card? my wife has been hounding me about getting a third credit card but am unsure which card is the best option… thoughts?? gracias

    • a third credit card? that may not be the best idea if your trying to improve your credit score… but to answer your question the Slate chase card is my favorite card by far for balance transfers.

  3. I received your invitation to transfer my money to your card at zero % interest for 15 months. Unfortunately, I had been injured and missed the deadline to apply. I have good credit, have never missed a payment and have always paid early. I would appreciate the opportunity to be reconsidered for your offer.

    • Hey McKinneys! Please call the Chase customer service toll-free number at 1-800-935-9935 to submit a new application. Before submitting the application inquire about any bonus offers they may have as Chase is known to toss around bonus offers like candy! Godspeed! – CreditLiftoff Team


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