GetFinancing Review – Online Purchase Financing Provider Reviewed


Have you ever wanted to make an online purchase, but aren’t sure how to finance it? may be able to help, as the service matches consumers to lending options in order to finance online purchases. Find out more in our review! Review

What is is a free service that helps match consumers with attractive financing options. Specifically, the service focuses on online purchases.

GetFinancing has deals with many third party ecommerce websites to provide financing options directly in the checkout process. If you make a purchase at a participating site, you will see GetFinancing as an option during checkout. The service then matches you to the best financing options based on your credit profile. Review

So, how does GetFinancing stack up? Is it worth using?

For online purchases, it’s quite simple to use.

What is GetFinancing

We like that GetFinancing provides multiple financing options, helping you shop around for the best option. Most competing services just offer a single option, so this feature could potentially help you save some money on interest.

In terms of the interest rates and other specifics, GetFinancing’s offerings really vary depending on your credit score. The service uses your credit profile info to match you to qualified lending providers, and you can check the terms that each provider is offering.

GetFinancing also provides instant approval in many cases, allowing you to continue with your purchase without waiting for a lengthy application process.

Overall, GetFinancing provides a very useful service for people looking to make online purchases on credit. It’s not available at all vendors, but for those that it is available at, it’s a good option.

To get the best deal, make sure you look closely at the offer terms and conditions, as well as the APR and other financing details, before choosing a specific lender. Thanks for reading our GetFinancing review, and let us know in the comments if you have any questions!


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