Guaranteed Approval Credit Cards with $10,000 Limits for Bad Credit (Do They Exist?)


Guaranteed Approval Credit Cards with $10,000 Limits for Bad Credit

Question? See article title…

Answer? Nope. Like bigfoot, there is no such thing as “guaranteed approval credit cards with $10,000 limits for bad credit”.

Not a credit card company on earth is going to offer a guaranteed approval card. Not only would that be bad business but the company would go bankrupt in a few hours.

Now having said that there are a variety of secured credit cards that allows you to place a very sizable deposit down and offers nearly guaranteed approval.

For example, the Wells Fargo Secured Credit Card is extremely popular with consumers with bad credit as it allows you to put $10,000 down and almost guarantees the applicant’s approval.

Not a Wells Fargo fan after the banking account scandal?

We hear ya… here are our top 5 nearly-guaranteed approval credit cards for bad credit with high limits:

  1. Discover it Secured – $200 to $2,500 initial limit and no annual fee (a true winner!)
  2. First National Bank of Omaha Secured Visa Card – $300 to $5,000 limit
  3. Harley-Davidson Secured Credit Card: $300 to $5,000 limit (plus you get a super cool HD motorcycle graphic on your card)
  4. OpenSky Secured Visa Credit Card – $200 to $3,000 limit
  5. Aeromexico Secured Credit Card – $300 to $5,000 limit

Guaranteed Approval Credit Cards for Bad Credit


Your credit score is north of 700?

OK, you landed on the wrong article.

Please head on over to our BEST CREDIT CARD write up as all of those cards are designed for consumers with great credit (and with great credit comes great rewards!).


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