Hawaiian Airlines® World Elite Mastercard® 60,000 Mile Offer


Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card World Elite MasterCard

The Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard is offered by BarclayCards and provides miles for Hawaiian Airline Travel.  Currently, consumers are able to take advantage of their best sign up offer to date.  New cardholders are able to earn 60,000 bonus miles.  To meet the bonus requirements, new cardholders will need to spend $2,000 in the first 90 days of opening their new account.

Overall, this is a fairly low spending requirement for a big reward bonus.  Given the relatively $2,000 spending, this offer will still be worth a look even if the bonus is reduced in the future.

Hawaiian Airlines MasterCard
Hawaiian Airlines MasterCard offers a relaxing Island Theme

Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard Features and Benefits

As mentioned above, this credit card is designed for travel miles with Hawaiian Airlines.  It goes without saying that Hawaiian Airlines is primarily designed for flying to, from and around the Hawaiian Islands.  With this said, it is important to point out that Hawaiian Airlines offers services to many destinations to and from Hawaii.  Card benefits and features include:

  • 3x Miles on all purchases with Hawaiian Airlines
  • 2x Miles on all eligible gas, dining and grocery store purchases
  • 1x Miles on all other purchases made where MasterCard is accepted
  • No limit on total number of miles that can be earned annually
  • Miles only expire after 18 months of account inactivity (no redemption or earnings)
  • One free checked bag when flying with Hawaiian Airlines (international exclusions apply)
  • $100 off companion ticket each year you have your card
  • No Foreign transaction fee and zero fraud liability
  • This card comes with a $99 annual fee

The reward categories for this credit card are quite strong.  Many competing airline credit card cards do not provide additional earning categories.  The 2x points available for gas, dining and groceries will be a big benefit for consumers using this card.  Additionally, perks like a free checked bag will provide long term savings.  If you fly with Hawaiian airlines annually and can take advantage of the $100 companion discount you will completely cover the annual fee expense.

Applying For The Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card

Consumers can visit the BarclayCard Hawaiian Airline application page to apply for this card.  It is also important to point out that the current public sign up bonus offer will be show here as well.  The current offer provides 60,000 points for consumers who meet the spending requirements.  This is the highest bonus offer yet provided for this credit card.

When following the apply now link you will be transferred to the full application page.  The application requires completion before your approval decision is made.  The application also requires you to provide your Hawaiian Miles Number.  Signing up for Hawaiian Miles is free and can be completed online.  Syncing you card to a Hawaiian Miles Account is necessary as this is how your rewards is earned.

BarclayCards is notorious for being one of the more strict credit card issuers.  There are a number of criteria they review including how many credit cards you have recently applied for.  For consumers who frequently churn through credit cards, you may find some resistance when applying for Barclay Credit Cards.  Pre-qualified offers are sometimes provided by credit issuers including BarclayCards but do not guarantee approval.  If you are a consumer with normal credit card application use and great credit, your chances for approval will be much higher.

Redeeming and Transferring Hawaiian Airlines Miles

There are many options available for redeeming or transferring your Hawaiian Airline Miles.  Consumers can redeem their miles for flights with Hawaiian Airlines.  Redemption levels start at 7,500 points and range higher depending on the flight option.  A full chart provided by Hawaiian Airlines for redeeming your flights is available here.

Hawaiian Airlines Partner Airlines – Transferring Points

If you have a boatload of Hawaiian Airlines miles but will be booking with a different airline there are many partners available for transfer.  Transfer rates with other airlines can be found here.  Partner airlines include:

  • Japan Airlines
  • JetBlue
  • Korean Air
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Virgin Australia Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines Non- Flight Partners – Transferring Points

In addition to the airline partners listed above, customers can also transfer their Hawaiian Miles for non-airline rewards.  This includes benefits such as car rentals, hotel stays, shopping, dining, and much more.  A full list of non-airline point transfer partners can be found here.  Non-airline transfer partners include:

One of the best transfers will be for travelers who are Hilton Honors Rewards Members.  Many credit card reward enthusiasts love the Hilton Honors program and credit card.  Hilton locations are available throughout the world adding a big benefit for Hawaiian Miles.  Hilton Points are transferred at a 1:1.5 rate.  This means 10,000 Hawaiian Miles would be 15,000 Hilton Honors Points.

Final Thoughts – The Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card

Overall, the Hawaiian Airlines credit card is a very good option for consumers who regularly fly with this airline.  Features like the annual companion discount can easily offset the annual fee.  Furthermore, 2x points for gas, dining, and groceries provide ample opportunities to earn big points.

Another big highlight is that Hawaiian Miles provides some very good transfer partners.  Even if you do not use Hawaiian Airlines all that much, some consumers will find the transfer partners alone make this card worth it.  Hilton Honors Members and Total Rewards members in particular will find this feature very valuable.


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