Hilton Honors 13x Bonus Points With Amazon (Up to $500)


Hilton Honors 10x Bonus Point Offer

American Express Hilton Credit Cards are providing a nice bonus which appears to be targeted to certain individuals.  Customers can earn 10x points on their purchases with Amazon.  This is in addition to the available 3x points which you already receive on purchases using your card.  This brings to the total to 13x points.  The offer allows for up to $500 in purchases to be eligible for the bonus.  Cardholders will earn 5,000 in bonus points plus the standard 1,500 you already receive for purchases.

As you can see above, Amazon.com purchases will provide 13x points during this offer.  The offer runs through 1/29/2019 and your purchases must be completed during this time frame.  What is especially nice is the timing of this offer.  You can make your Christmas shopping worth quite a bit in rewards if you are shopping on Amazon.  As many consumers are doing their holiday shopping online, this offer comes just in time.

Registering For The Hilton Honors 13x Amazon Bonus Points

To be eligible, you will need to enroll your account before you can redeem at this rate.  Enrollment can be completed here.  Signing up is simple.  Customers can follow the link you received by email and logging in to your account will allow you to accept the offer.  Once you have completed enrollment you will then need to add your Hilton Card to your Amazon Wallet before you begin shopping.  After adding your card to your account, you will be eligible to receive the bonus points for your Hilton Honors Account.

Pretty much all of the purchases made on your card with Amazon will apply to your offer up to $500.  Keep in mind, you will have to have enrolled and set up your card as your primary Amazon Wallet payment source.  Digital purchases are eligible, Prime Subscription Services, and non-Amazon vendors (purchased through Amazon) are all eligible for for the promotion.  Exclusions would be things like interest charges, non-US Amazon site purchases, and gift cards.  Full offer details can be found on the offer web page.