H&R Block Tax Refund Advance – Up To $3,000


H&R Block Tax Refund Advance – Emerald MasterCard

H&R Block is offering their clients an opportunity to get an advance on their tax return.  For most customers who take advantage of this offer, your advance will be available the day you apply.  Customers can take advances in amounts of $500, $750, $1250, $3000.  Your funds will be loaded on to an H&R Block Emerald MasterCard after you have been approved.  Funds will be available for immediate use.  This offer is available to clients who file between January 4th, 2019 to February 28th, 2019.

Advantages For Customers Using The H&R Tax Refund Advance

  • Customers will have funds available the same day they file
  • The approval review does not do a hard pull on your credit
  • The advance is provided as a 0% loan (no interest fees)
  • Use your Emerald MasterCard anywhere MasterCard is accepted

Customers who are interested in this offer are likely concerned with the speed they receive their advance.  This will be the biggest advantage for most consumers.  You advance will be available right away.  H&R Block clients who use their service will not have to wait for the IRS to process their return.

Another big advantage of this offer is that it does not cost consumers to get an advance.  The advance is provided as a 0% loan and your advance is simply deducted from your return once it is processed.  Any remaining funds above your advance and filing costs can be directly loaded on to your H&R Block Emerald Card.

The H&R Block Emerald MasterCard

The Emerald MasterCard has an Unique Green and Black Design

Many tax filing companies are offering prepaid tax refund cards as a convenient source to receive your return.  Customers are not obligated to use these services but some consumers will find they offer compelling incentives.  If you are interested in the H&R Block Tax Refund Advance you will be required to have your loan advance put on an Emerald MasterCard.  This card works very similar to a standard debit card.  Features includes:

  • Use at ATMs or request cash back when making purchases
  • Reload money on to your card with a linked checking account
  • Manage your account online or using the H&R Block App
  • No overdraft fees, set up fee, annual fee, or monthly servicing fee

The Emerald MasterCard is the source by which your tax advance will be provided.  Some consumers may feel this is unnecessary but there is not a check option available.  This would be the only “kicker” to the H&R Block offer.  With that said, you can still withdraw cash from your card so your not particularly restricted with this option.  Still, some consumers may not want another card to keep track of.

Final Thoughts on The H&R Block Tax Refund Advance

Overall, this is going to be a very good option for some consumers.  One thing to keep in mind is that H&R Block does require consumers to have their taxes completed with them to be eligible for this service.  That means you will be paying whatever fees H&R chargers to file your taxes.  This may be negligible because most tax return services do provide some fees (essentially canceling out this expense if you planned to use a professional service to file).  While you can complete your taxes yourself at no cost, many citizens feel better leaving it to professionals.

If you are already planning to file your taxes with H&R Block then this offer is a great chance to get your funds sooner.  For customers looking to move to H&R Block from other services, this could be a great incentive.  The cost to file with H&R Block is the same whether you get the advance or not.  Some consumers may resist having to have a new debit card in their wallet but overall this will be a small price for consumers who need their return immediately.

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