Jeep DrivePlus MasterCard Review


Earning Rewards With The Jeep DrivePlus Card

  • 5% back on Jeep Dealership purchases
  • 2% back for travel purchases with your card
  • 1% back on all other purchases
  • Double rewards when redeemed at Jeep Dealerships
  • Rewards expire after 7 years from when they are earned
  • No annual fee

The Drive Plus Card provides Jeep fans with many ways to earn rewards.  Rewards can be redeemed for cash back, gift cards, travel and more.  The best use of rewards is when redeeming at a Jeep Dealership (customers will earn double rewards).  This card also provides other incentives to earn additional rewards as a cardholder.

Jeep DrivePlus Card
Jeep DrivePlus Card

Earnings Additional Rewards With Your Card

In addition to the reward rates outlined above, there are several other ways to earn additional rewards with the Jeep DrivePlus Card.  Cardholders will earn $100 statement credit after spending at least $100 on Jeep Branded Products on their first billing statement.  Furthermore, cardholders can earn $1,000 towards their next Jeep Vehicle purchase after spending $7,500 on their card in the first year after opening their account.

The $1,000 Jeep Vehicle Credit is the arguably the best feature of this credit card.  The total annual spending to earn this reward is fairly low and works out to a cashback rewards rate of over 13%.  It is important to note that this credit is not eligible for all models.  Customers can find a full list of eligible vehicles here.

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Special APR – 0% Interest After Making Qualifying Purchases

The Jeep DrivePlus Card allows for customers to earn zero percent interest rate for 6 months.  To qualify for this special interest rate customers will need to spend $499 in Jeep Dealership Purchases.  The zero percent interest rate will be eligible for the next 6 billing cycles.  This offer can be renewed anytime you complete the qualifying purchase required to unlock the special interest rate.  After your special interest rate expires customers will have a rate of 16.24% to 27.24% APR.

Applying For The Jeep DrivePlus MasterCard

Consumers can apply for this card online with First BankCard.  During the application process you will be able to select between to design schemes for the card.  One is the grey Jeep labeled card pictured above.  The other card features a Jeep Wrangler in a slick off road scene.  During the application process you will need to provide your contact information and financial information.  Your credit will be reviewed and an approval decision is typically made right away.

Redeeming Your Rewards

Cardholders have the flexibility to use their points however they would like but the best value for your rewards will be when they are redeemed with a Jeep Dealership.  Your reward points will be doubled when making purchases with your Jeep Dealer.  Rewards can be used with your dealer for vehicle service, parts and, of course, a new Jeep Vehicle.  Because all rewards are doubled when you redeem with Jeep, your reward rates are also effectively doubled if you plan to use them for this purchase.  This means your card will essentially earn 2% back on all purchases if you intend to redeem with Jeep.

Final Thoughts On The Jeep DrivePlus Card

The DrivePlus Card is a definite winner for Jeep fans.  There are several key aspects to this card that make it a big hit.  First, the $1,000 credit you can earn after spending $7,500 in your first year is an amazing reward rate (over 13%).  Second, due to getting double your rewards with Jeep, your rewards will pile up very quick.  We recommend this card primarily for individuals who intend to use the points for service, parts, or a new Jeep Vehicle.  There are better reward cards out their for general use if you are not intending to take advantage for the double reward option.

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