Marcus Invitation Code Loan Offers Review


Marcus Personal Loans by Goldman Sachs

Marcus provides loan offers to potential clients via mail and email. If you have received a personalized offer you can view the loan details and apply online. Viewing your offer will NOT impact your credit score.

To access your offer you will need to provide the Marcus Offers Invitation Code found on the mailer you received. The code is a phrase plus 7 or 8 digits. This will need to be entered in to the following form online:

Marcus Loan Offers Invitation Form
Marcus Loan Offers – Invitation Code Form

Once you enter your code you can access your personalized loan offer. If you would like to proceed with the loan, you can then complete the full application process. Decisions are typically made instantly and funds are provided within days.

Loan Features and Services

  • Loans available up to $40,000
  • Interest rates as low as 6.99% (up to 28.99%)
  • Loan terms from 36 to 72 months
  • No sign up fees and no pre-payment fees

Personal loans, like other credit decisions, are decided based on your consumer credit worthiness. The lowest interest rates and longest term loans are generally only available to consumers with great credit.

There is no need to have an invitation code to view an offer with Marcus Loans. You can view your loan details in as little as five minutes even if you do not have a loan invitation code.

How To Apply For a Marcus Personal Loan

As shown above, you will need your invitation code if you want to view your personalized offers. Potential customers can visit to provide their invitation code and access their offer.

If you have not received an offer code, you can still view a personalized offer by providing some basic personal information. You can review your Marcus Personal Loan offers online without your code here.

Customers will need to complete a full application which will include information such as your desired loan amount and your loan terms. You will also need to provide your personal information and basic financial information. A full credit check will only be done with the submission of a completed application.

What Makes a Good Personal Loan?

Selecting the right personal loan can be the difference of thousands of dollars in savings over the life of a loan. It is critical to make sure you receive the best loan product when you accept an offer.

The best strategy is to review multiple offers from various banks. Be sure to make sure that you are reviewing offers that do not require a hard credit pull. This will provide multiple credit inquiries on your report which may otherwise hurt your credit score.

The primary factor will be your interest rate and loan terms. You will need to find a repayment term that fits your budget and provides you with the lowest possible interest rate offer for you loan.

Additional Personal Loan Resources:

Why Do Consumers Choose Personal Loans?

Personal loans are very popular for emergency expenses and high interest debt consolidation. The funds are provided very quickly and typically have lower interest than options like credit cards.

If you are considering a personal loan to pay off a credit card you will need to review your current interest rate vs that of you personal loan offer. Many online tools will help you decide which option will provide you with the most savings.

Contacting Marcus: 1-844-627-2871


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