MyCard2Go Prepaid Visa Card Review


mycard2go review

Mycard2go Prepaid Visa Card Review

Though we here at Credit Liftoff tend to focus primarily on credit cards, we understand that, for a variety of reasons, there are readers out there who make use of prepaid cards as well.

In fact, over the past few weeks, we’ve already taken a look at the Vanilla gift card and the various prepaid cards offered by NetSpend, for instance.

That being said, today we’re doing something different. We’re going to review the mycard2go prepaid Visa card, a German card that nonetheless can be used throughout the European Union and anywhere in the world that Visa is accepted.

Let’s begin by taking a look at one important way in which this card is different from most of the other prepaid cards we review.

Mycard2go Introduction

virtual credit card

Because the mycard2go prepaid Visa card is German, its primary currency is the euro rather than the U.S. dollar.

That said, you can still use it while traveling abroad here in the States! Your transactions will go through at the current exchange rate, without any sort of extra work on your end.

According to the mycard2go FAQ page, the card is accepted at nearly 500,000 retailers in Germany and 44 million other points of sale around the world. Not bad if you ask us!

Mycard2go Limited Vs. Ultimate

The mycard2go prepaid Visa card is available at two different “levels.” Which you should choose depends upon how you plan to use the card.

Limited (stylized “LIMITED”) is unsurprisingly the more basic option. These cards can only be loaded with up to €100.

One potential advantage of the Limited card is the fact that you can purchase and use it anonymously; no personal information is required. If you’re worried about security for any reason, this is something to consider!

On the other hand, the Ultimate (stylized “ULTIMATE”) card can be loaded with up to €5,000 per month. It can also be used to withdraw cash from bank machines. Finally, Ultimate cardholders can send money to each other digitally via go2go transfer.

Keep in mind, however, that those who opt for the Ultimate card will have to provide their cardholder details.

Mycard2go Fees

Although the mycard2go prepaid Visa card does offer a range of convenient features, it’s worth considering that this convenience doesn’t come cheap.

First of all, there’s a €9.95 fee for the card itself. Second, if you choose to use the Ultimate card, you’ll incur an additional €9.95 annual fee.

When you top up your mycard2go via bank transfer, you’ll pay a flat fee of one euro. Meanwhile, if you do so in store, you’ll pay either that or a 4% fee, whichever is more.

Lastly, be wary about choosing the Ultimate card for the perk of ATM access. Every single time you withdraw cash, you’ll be charged a €4.95 fee. That’s in addition to whatever fee the ATM terminal decides to charge!

If there’s a positive takeaway here, it has to be this: there’s no foreign transaction fee no matter where you take this card, which is a nice bonus for frequent travelers.

Mycard2go Prepaid Visa Card Review: Final Thoughts

The mycard2go prepaid Visa card is convenient, but that convenience comes at a high price.

If you have the cash to pay all the aforementioned fees, you probably have the cash necessary to get a more traditional debit card and avoid them all together.

That said, if you’re still interested in a mycard2go prepaid Visa card, you can learn more about them by clicking here.


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