MyCCPay Login – Which Credit Cards Use This Login Portal?

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MyCCPay Login – Total Card, First Access Card, and More

Multiple credit cards use the MyCCPay account access portal.

We will review which cards use MyCCPay Login, how to register your card, and what tools are available.

All of these credit cards fall under the umbrella of management by Total Card, Inc.

Setting up an online account is the easiest way to manage your credit card and make sure you stay on top of your credit use.

Simply visit login to gain access now.

It is important to make a distinction – Total Card, Inc. (TCI) is the company which runs MyCCPay Payment Access.

This is different from being an issuer of a credit card.

For instance, the First Access Visa Card which is accessed through MyCCPay, is issued by The Bank of Missouri.

This means that The Bank of Missouri is the one providing this credit card to consumers whereas Total Card Inc is the service through which cardholders will pay their card.

Which Credit Cards Will Be Able To Access Their Account Through MyCCPay?

As you can see, Total Card, Inc. (TCI) manages a number of credit cards.

Fortunately for cardholders, they will be able to access their credit card account through a single website (

If you have one of the above credit cards you will likely have been directed to set up your account with MyCCPay.

First Access Visa Card

The First Access Visa Card is a card made for individuals with very poor credit.  This would absolutely not be a credit card to apply for unless your credit is awful and you have run out of options.  There are individuals who have such poor credit that they need to turn towards credit cards like The First Access Visa Card.

This credit card provides access for consumers who may not be able to get better cards but it comes at a big price.

This card has a one time processing fee of $89.99, a $75 annual fee (first year, then $48), and an annual $75 servicing fee (no fee for the first year).

Anyone who knows credit cards, understands that no consumer should be paying these kind of fees.

If you have a card of this type the best thing to do is to improve your credit as fast as possible and find a new card.

Total Visa Card

The Total Visa Card has a fee structure identical to that of the First Access Visa Card.

This is another one of those credit cards that is designed for consumers who have no other choice.

The unfortunate thing is that consumers who have no other choice also have the least ability to pay the fees associated with this card.

Emblem MasterCard, Access MasterCard, and New Horizon MasterCard

There are three MasterCard Credit Cards available for login with Total Card, Inc.

These three cards seem to be the least popular of the MyCCPay Credit Cards.

Doing some research it seems these three cards do not necessarily have a huge customer base.

There is not a whole lot of review information available and in fact much of the information available seems to be from customers who are very unhappy with these cards.

Registering Your Account With MyCCPay

Before you will be able to pull up your account you will need to register your credit card for online access.

This can be completed through the same website by following the registration link just below the login field.

You will then be directed to the registration page where you will need to verify your account.

The above screen shows what you will need to provide in order to access your account.

Before viewing your account online you must verify by providing you 16 digit account number, the last 4 digits of your social security number, and the postal code associated with your account.

In addition to the account verification, you will need to provide a valid email address that will be linked to your MyCCPay Account.

Cardholders will also create an unique username and password as well as answering a security question for account recovery purposes.

MyCCPay Login – After Account Registration

After you have registered your account you can access your account online any time, 24/7.  You will use the same username and password used during the account registration and login through the access portal:

After you have set up your account you will have full online management.

Customers will be able to view all of their recent transactions and account statements.

You will be able to set up payment options and manage your account payments.

Having an online account for your credit cards is highly recommended as it is by far the easiest way to stay on top of your balance and make sure you do not fall behind in payments.

myccpay change password

CCPay Customer Service

The only contact method we could find was a toll-free number.

Please dial 1‐888-262-2850 if you are having any issues with the CCPay Login service.

A fax number, email address, or mailing address were not available.

Alternative Options To High Fee Credit Cards

If you have a credit card managed through MyCCPay you need to be aware that there are much better options.

The downside is that other cards are not going to be available to all consumers.

If you are struggling to get approved for a credit card, you should look for the lowest fee “secure cards”.

For instance, Discover issued a Secured Discover IT Card that will be available to many consumers who have bad credit.

Credit Cards are very important and there are many instances where they are required for day to day life.

For instance, you cannot make some purchases with cash.

Looking for a no annual fee rewards card? Check out the Blue Cash Everyday Credit Card from American Express.

Consumers who are struggling to get approved for a card may turn to options which are not ideal but these should be considered short term solutions.

High fee credit cards designed for consumers with very bad credit may be the only option but during this time it is essential to be working on your credit score so that you can move on to a better option.

Here are few tips to quickly help your credit score and improve your credit history:

  • Get a copy of your credit report*and view your credit score and info through free sites like Credit Karma
  • Address any issues on your credit report such as delinquencies and account default
  • Pay all bills on time and contact any bill or company you owe if you are behind on payments
  • If your accounts due have flexible payment options you should determine if they can assist you

*My Annual Credit Report ( is authorized by The Federal Government.

This is a very safe website to work with if you are attempting to restore your credit.

The three major credit bureau provide the information.

Credit score in the dumps? Learn more about the Experian Boost program and raise your credit score today! (no joke)

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