Next Millennium Card Review: No Credit Check and $1,000 Credit Line


Next Millennium Card Review

If you are looking to make a purchase from MyUnique Outlet Shopping Club, you may want to secure the Next Millennium Card. This card can only be used to shop on the MyUnique Outlet site, but it does give you access to an array of products from beauty items to home and office merchandise.

Some of the benefits of the Next Millennium card is it does offer zero percent financing and no credit checks, making it possible for anyone to secure the card no matter their credit standing. However, to obtain the Next Millennium card, you need to enroll in a monthly membership with the site. This, of course, comes with fees but you will have a line of $1000 of unsecured credit.

The card does have an initial upfront fee of $29.95 and a monthly fee of $19.95. This equates to about $240 a year to hold the card, which may be a steep price to pay for some. The minimum payment on the card is $25 or 15 percent of the total balance on the card. Late fees on the card are $10.

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With the monthly payment that you pay for the Next Millennium card, you do get additional benefits such as free roadside assistant and discounts from other merchants. Plus, the zero percent interest is a big advantage if you hold a balance month-to-month. Also, the card does not offer any credit monitoring, so there are no additional credit reporting options to be aware of.

The Next Millennium card has a hefty price tag to swallow, but if you are looking for a quick line of credit without a credit check and zero percent interest, this may be the card for you. You will be able to buy some solid products with the Next Millennium card from an array of retailers, which may be exactly what you are looking for from the card.