Reddit Gift Card Exchange Review (Is GCX a Good Place to Trade Gift Cards?


Sometimes you wind up with a gift card that is not quite what you actually wanted. Maybe you got Bed, Bath and Beyond when you would have preferred Amazon. Or, maybe you just want some cash instead of a gift card to a specific retailer. But what can you do?

Head to Reddit, of course! The Front Page of the Internet has micro-communities for just about everything you could possibly think of, and people coming together to exchange gift cards is one of them! The subreddit is called /r/giftcardexchange, also known as GCX. Find out more about this useful corner of the internet in our full Reddit Gift Card Exchange review!

Reddit gift card exchange review

What is the Reddit Gift Card Exchange (GCX)?

Reddit’s Gift Card Exchange, or GCX, is a subreddit on the popular website Reddit. It functions as a forum or messageboard where people can come together to work on deals to trade gift cards for other gift cards, or for cash.

Users can make posts explaining what gift cards they have, and what they would like to trade for. The most commonly traded cards are Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, and cash (PayPal, cryptocurrencies, etc.), but you can find just about anything if you’re patient.

reddit gift card exchange gcx

It’s important to note that this is NOT a business or any sort of formal organization. It’s simply a user-run, user-moderated community where you can go to work out individual deals. Because of the potential for scams, there is some risk in trading on the GCX – and perhaps moreso than selling your gift cards to an actual business such as CardCash.


How Does GCX Work?

Reddit GCX works like this:

  1. Users can post a thread to GCX stating that they have X gift card, and want to trade for X
  2. Other users who are interested in the trade must comment on the post and then PM the poster
  3. If both parties agree to the deal, they send each other the gift card codes (most cards are traded digitally, rather than physically mailing plastic gift cards).
  4. One person will have to send the code first, which is where the trust comes in. Generally users with the most feedback on GCXRep will send last, requiring newer users to send their gift card codes first
  5. Once both parties have received their codes, feedback should be left on GCXRep, and the original post on GCX should be marked as sold/closed.

All posts to GCX must follow a very specific format. Here’s an example:

GCX example post

In this example, the user has [H] a $50 Walmart gift card, and wants [W] $40 cash via PayPal. If you were interested in this deal, you would just need to comment on the post, and then send the user a private message.


Reddit GCX Rules & Trading Safety

Gift Card Exchange is a subreddit with very specific rules, which help to keep the community safe from scammers. The rules list is extensive and too much to list in this Reddit GCX review, so the full rules can be found here.

The rules that are most relevant to new users of GCX are:

  • You must be an active Redditor with an account that’s at least 28 days old (so you can’t sign up for Reddit today and begin trading immediately)
  • Users MUST comment on posts before sending PMs. This is a primary way that the moderators filter out scammers. If you get a PM, make sure to check if the same user has commented on your post
  • Trades over $99 are subject to restrictions, and usually require moderator approval.

You should fully read and understand the rules of the Subreddit before taking part. Otherwise, you may be scammed!

You should also read through the GCX Safe Trading Guide before browsing the Subreddit, so you can understand what goes into trading safely.


Reddit Gift Card Exchange Review

Now that you know a bit more about how GCX works, let’s talk about whether or not it’s worth actually using!

The Reddit Gift Card Exchange is a great place to trade gift cards frequently, but it’s a bit of a headache for new users. If you are someone who actively trades gift cards (whether you’re flipping or just tend to get a lot of gift cards), it’s absolutely worth learning the system and trading on GCX. But if you’re just looking for a place to sell or trade a single gift card, it may be too much of a hassle to learn the GCX system.

Because it’s a user-run system and not a business, there are unfortunately a fair amount of scams. If you pay close attention, and follow the rules and the safe trading guide, you should be fine – but be careful!


My Experience with the Reddit GCX

It wouldn’t be a very good review of Reddit Gift Card Exchange without a personal report!

I myself have used the Reddit GCX quite a bit in the past. Overall, I found it to be useful. I scored some great deals, like a $75 Netflix gift card for $50 PayPal. I also sold some cards that I wasn’t going to use, getting $70 PayPal for a $100 American Airlines gift card.

My overall experience was good. I did not get scammed, although I saw someone attempting to scam me. They commented on my post, and then PMed me from a different account with a very similar name. This is a common scamming method, so be on the lookout!

I did spend a fair amount of time reading the rules, setting up my reputation profile, and preparing to trade. It’s not a one-click-and-you’re-done kind of place, unfortunately. In the end it was worth it for me, as I traded quite a few cards and got some great deals. But if I were just looking to sell or trade a single gift card, I would probably go elsewhere.


Final Thoughts

To wrap up this Reddit GCX review, I’ll say this:

If you want to actively trade gift cards, keep an eye out for good deals, and/or flip cards, Reddit GCX is absolutely worthwhile. It’s an active community with tons of trusted traders, and lots of good deals that you can jump on whether you’re selling or buying.

If you have a single card to sell/trade, it’s going to be easier to just use a company. I recommend checking out GiftCardGranny, which lets you type in the gift card you have and compare offers from a variety of gift card merchants.

You’ll probably get a better deal on Reddit GCX, but whether or not the extra effort is worth it is up to you.


Have you used Reddit GCX? Let us know about your experience in the comments!


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