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The Chase Credit Card Referral Program

Chase Bank issues some of the most popular Credit Cards. The have many reward cards that are eligible for their referral program. Chase customers can invite their family and friends to apply – upon acceptance, you will be rewarded for sharing the product.

Not all cards and customers will be eligible for this program. The easiest way to know if you have a chance to take advantage of this offer is to watch your email for referral notifications. If you have been notified that your card is eligible for referral you can invite friends and earn rewards for each acceptance (up to 5 per year).

The best part about this program is all parties receive rewards. Referred friends are eligible for sign up bonuses associated with their card offer through the referral program.

How To Refer-A-Friend With Chase

Simply follow the link provided in your email if you have been provided with notification that your Chase product is eligible for referral. If you have not received a link, you can visit the Chase Refer-A-Friend Webpage to see if you are eligible for referral rewards.

Upon arriving at the referral page you will find the following form to be completed:

Refer Your Chase Card

The three pieces of information required are your last name, your billing zip code, and the last 4 digits of your eligible Chase Credit Card. After submitting this information you will be sent to a new webpage with a link specific to your referral.

This link is the most important aspect of the process. In order to receive a referral your friend will need to use this link to access their application. This is how Chase will identify that you are associated with the referral. This is the only way to receive credit for your referral – the link MUST be used.

You can send the link by email or by text. When your friend receives the link they will be directed to their card offer and application. If approved, you will receive your bonus offer for the referral program.

Earning Rewards With The Chase Referral Program

As outlined above, the referral link must be provided to your friend in order to receive rewards. Depending on your Chase product, you will receive points based on the current offer. Point values vary but typically range between 5,000 and 20,000 points per referral.

Chase customers are able to earn 5 referral bonuses each year. Customers can send the link to as many friends as they would like. If more than 5 friends accept your referral, you will be maxed out on earnings at 5 referrals.

Your rewards will be credited to your Chase Rewards account. Points can be used for any eligible redemption option.

Current Chase Credit Card Referral Offers

Chase referral offers are subject to change but below are some of the most popular referral offers currently available:

Chase Southwest Rapid Reward Cards

Earn 10,000 points for each referral with your Chase Southwest Card. Your points are eligible to count towards your annual Southwest Companion Pass. Companion pass requires 110,00 points annual for 2019 and will be raised to 125,000 points for 2020.

Chase Ink Business Cards

Both the Ink Unlimited and Ink Preferred Cards are eligible for referral offers. Customers will receive 15,000 points for each Ink Unlimited Referral and 20,000 points for each Ink Preferred Referral.

Chase Freedom Cards

The Chase Freedom and Chase Freedom Unlimited cards are both eligible for referral offers. Chase Freedom referrals with earn 5,000 points per referral. Chase Unlimited referrals will earn 10,000 points.

United Explorer Cards

Each referral for the United Explorer Card will earn 10,000 miles.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

Customers will earn 15,000 points for each referral up to a total of 75,000 points.

Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Card

Earn 20,000 points for each referral. Important to note that while this referral bonus is the largest point amount, actual values vary depending on the rewards program.

World of Hyatt Card

Customers will earn 10,000 points for each successful referral.

Disney Rewards Card

Receive $100 in Disney Reward Dollars for each successful referral offer with you Disney Rewards Card.

Final Thoughts

The Chase Referral program is a great way to earn additional rewards. If you know a friend or family member interested in the same Chase Product you have, be sure to discuss this program with them before they apply for a new card!

Do you know of any other Chase Referral Program Offers? Please let us know in the comments below!

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