Sears Citi MasterCard 10x ThankYou Point Offer Good Through 2018


Sears Citi MasterCard 10x ThankYou Point – Gas Stations, Restaurants, and Groceries

Sears Citi MasterCard holders have an opportunity to rack up a lot of ThankYou Points for the rest of 2018.  During the months of October, November, and December cardholders can reach spending requirements for 10x Points on purchases made for Gas, Restaurants, and Groceries.  Your specific offer may vary as these were targeted to individuals based on behind the scenes schematics.  Regardless, the offer is 10x but the total allowable points earned each month may vary – just be sure to activate your offer!  Here is an example of one of the offers provided for this promotion:

Alternatively, some customers may have received this offer:

As you can see, the individual offer may vary but the earning structure is identical.  The most important thing with this offer is to make sure that you activate your individual offer online otherwise you will not be eligible to receive your 10x bonus.

This current credit card is not available for applications.  The current version of this credit card is offered by Citi and MasterCard but the card provides Shop Your Way Points rather than Thank You points (other attractive card offers can be reviewed here).  Time will tell whether or not Citi decides to bring back the card which provides Thank You Points but for the time being Sears seems to be moving towards Shop Your Way Points rather than the Thank You Points reward system.