Southwest Performance Business Card Released With 80,000 Point Offer


Southwest Airlines Releases New Business Credit Card

Today Chase and Southwest Airlines have announced the brand new Performance Card.  This is a business rewards card to earn points with Southwest Rapid Rewards Program.  The card offers some incredible benefits including a huge new customer sign up bonus.  This is a premium credit card and is the fifth member of the Southwest Family of Credit Cards.  Here we will take a look at the card features and benefits.

Southwest Performance Card
Southwest Performance Card

Performance Card Benefits and Features

  • 80,000 Bonus Point Offer
  • 3x Points For Southwest Purchases
  • 2x Points For Online Advertising (Facebook and Search Engines)
  • 2x Points For Internet, Cable and Phone Services
  • 1x Points For All Other Purchases
  • TSA PreCheck and Global Entry Credit
  • Each Anniversary Customers Will Receive 9,000 Points
  • 4 Upgraded Boarding Offers Each Year
  • $199 Annual Fee

Some customers may be discouraged by the annual fee but this card has some great features that go a long way towards offsetting this fee.  In fact, the annual 9,000 points provided to customers on their card anniversary will offset well over half of the total annual fee.  Additionally, cardholders will have access to an additional $100 value every four years in the form of TSA PreCheck or Global Entry Credit.

Perhaps the most exciting feature with this new card is the current new cardholder sign up bonus.  Customers are eligible to receive 80,000 Southwest Rapid Reward Points when opening up a new card.  To receive this bonus you will need to spend at least $5,000 on your new account in the first 3 months of opening an account.

Another appealing feature of this credit card is the bonus point spending categories.  Many airline credit cards are lacking in this respect.  The Performance Card provides 3x points for Southwest Purchases.  Furthermore, there are 2x point categories for online advertising, cable and internet services, and phone services.  Many businesses will be able to make great use of these reward categories.  There is no limit to the total amount of points which can be earned with your card.

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Southwest Business Premier Card vs The Performance Card

Southwest offers an additional business travel card – The Southwest Business Premier Card.  The first difference customers will notice is that the Premier Card has a lower annual fee at $99.  Several key differences between the two cards include:

  • Bigger Sign Up Bonus For The Performance Card (20,000 Additional Points)
  • Higher Yearly Anniversary Reward (6,000 Points vs 9,000 Points For The Performance Card)
  • The Performance Card Provides In Flight WiFi Credits ($8 per day)
  • Better Bonus Categories For The Performance Card

Deciding which of these cards is best for your business may depend on how you plan to use your card.  If you are able to take advantage of the 3x and 2x bonus categories offered by the Performance Card you will likely find this to be the better option.  Much of the difference in annual fee is offset by the anniversary bonus and initial sign up bonus.

Business owners should also consider the WiFi credit provided with the Performance Card.  If you frequently fly with Southwest the $8 daily credit will provide big benefit for many cardholders.

Overall, The New Performance Card is going to be the better choice if you can make use of the bonus categories and frequently use WiFi on your Southwest Flights.

Final Thoughts

This card is going to be very valuable to businesses that regularly fly with Southwest.  Cardholders can add additional cards at no cost to provide additional employees access the the account.  Cardholders will rack up points very quick with the initial sign up bonus and valuable bonus categories for select spending.


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