Southwest Priority Card Upgrade Offer Review


Upgrade To Earn 5,000 Rapid Reward Points

Eligible Southwest Credit Card holders are receiving notice with an offer to upgrade their credit card.  This offer reflects the recent changes made to the family of Southwest Consumer Credit Cards offered by Chase Bank.

The new Southwest Priority Card provides customers with several very valuable upgrades to their reward program.  As a special offer, customers have the option to upgrade for an additional 5,000 points.  However, this card does come with a higher annual fee than other Southwest Credit Cards.

Is it time to upgrade to Priority?  Let’s take a look at this offer and the changes you can expect if you make the move.

Picture of the Southwest Priority Card
Southwest Priority Card – An Inspiring Redesign To a Classic Brand

Southwest Card Upgrade Bonus Offer

If you are a current Southwest Credit Card customer with a Premier or Plus version of the card, it is possible you have received an offer to upgrade to the Priority Card.  This upgrade is not available to all customers.  Cardholders are receiving notice by mail and email if they are eligible for the upgrade offer.

To step your card up to the next level you can complete the process online at  In order to check your eligibility or begin the process you will need to verify your account.  Eligible customers will be able to proceed with the upgrade process.

The one time bonus offer will provide you with 5,000 Rapid Reward Points simply for upgrading.  No spending requirements are necessary to qualify for the bonus.

Southwest Rapid Reward points are generally valued at about 1.5 to 2 cents per point.  This puts the offer at a value of about $75-$100.  The actual value will depend on your specific flight but this figure can be used as a rough guideline to help you make the decision.

Priority Card Benefits and Features

  • Receive 7,500 RR Points each year for your card anniversary
  • Cardholders will receive 4 upgrading boardings per year (availability restrictions apply)
  • Yearly $75 travel credit for Southwest Flight Purchases
  • 20% back on in flight purchases (WiFi and Drinks)
  • 2x Points with Southwest and Select Southwest Partners (hotel and car rentals)
  • 1x Points for all other purchases with your credit card
  • No Foreign Transaction Fees
  • $149 Annual Fee

How Does This Card Compare To The Other Southwest Cards?

Determining whether or not the upgrade is right for you will depend on how the new benefits compare to your current benefits.  There are several features that are unique to this card that should be considered.

The Priority Card is the only Southwest Airlines Card that offers an annual travel credit valued at $75.  This credit is good for flight purchases made directly with Southwest Airlines.  The offer does not apply to in flight purchases.

The Priority Card also provides the highest anniversary bonus.  Customers will receive 7,500 points each year as a cardholder.  The Premier Card offers 6,000 points yearly and Plus Cardholders will receive 3,000 points.  This provides about $25 and $75 of value compared respectively to the other card options.

Finally, the Priority Card is the only option which provides 4 Boarding Upgrades each year.

The Priority Card has the highest annual fee of the three card options ($149).  The Plus Card and Premier Card have an annual fee of $69 and $99.  The Annual Travel credit and the extra yearly anniversary points will more than make up for the extra annual fee if you are able to capitalize on the Travel Credit.

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Final Thoughts: Time To Upgrade Your Card?

For many Southwest Travelers this upgrade option is a no brainer.  If you are frequent Southwest Travel the extra value provided by the Priority Card will far exceed the other credit card options.  The key to maximizing your value with this card will depend on whether or not you will be able to make use of the Annual Travel Credit.

The offer does include an expiration date.  It will be best to make your decision quickly in case the 5,000 point offer goes away.  Even if you do not have the upgrade offer, many Southwest Cardholders will still find the switch to be well worth the additional cost.

For infrequent customers who do not often fly Southwest the best choice will likely be one of the less expensive credit cards.  The value of this card depends on your ability to use the $75 Travel Credit – the rest of the enhanced features are just icing on the cake.

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