Spirit Airlines Credit Card Review


The Spirit Airlines MasterCard

Bank of America offers several branded travel cards including Spirit Airlines and Air France/KLM.  The Spirit World MasterCard is offered at a low annual fee and includes an easy to receive sign up bonus.  Customers will earn Free Spirit Miles for Spirit Airlines with every purchase they make.  Credit card highlights include:

  • 2x miles for all purchases
  • Waived first year annual fee
  • $59 annual fee after the first year
  • Flight redemption starting at 2,500 miles
  • Anniversary mile bonus after $10,000 annual spending
  • No blackout dates when redeeming miles for flights
  • 3% Balance transfer fee
  • Interest rate of 17.24% – 25.24% (variable)
Spirit Credit Card - Features a black and yellow design
Spirit Credit Card – Features a black and yellow design

Spirit MasterCard Card Features and Benefits

One of the best features of the Spirit Credit Card is that the card offers double miles for every purchase.  This makes it a very convenient card for everyday spending.  Unlike many other airline credit cards, you are not restricted to double points for purchases with the airline.  Many airline cards are not best for everyday spending because other cards have much more value.  The Spirit Credit Card is different in that it is a decent card to use for all purchases.

Another nice feature of the Spirit Credit Card is that it has a lower annual fee than many competing airline cards.  Coming in at $59 per year, this is quite a bit lower than most airline branded cards which typically come in around $89-$99 annually.  Currently, Bank of America is offering a waived annual fee for the first year.

The Spirit Credit Card also provides customers with a yearly anniversary bonus of 5,000 Free Spirit Miles.  In order to qualify for this bonus you will need to complete a yearly spending of $10,000 on your account.  If you make this your everyday credit card, the anniversary bonus is fairly easy to achieve.

Earning and Redeeming Free Spirit Miles

As you earn miles with your Spirit Airlines Credit Card you can begin to redeem once you reach a 2,500 minimum.  If you qualify for a flight that can be purchased with miles you will only be responsible for taxes and fees which begin at $6.  Additionally, your mile redemptions are not subject to black out dates.

The Free Spirit Rewards Program is available at no cost.  Potential applicants do not need an account to apply for the card.  If you already have a Free Spirit Account you can link your new card to your current account.  Customers without a Free Spirit Account will automatically have one assigned upon approval for the credit card.  As you earn miles you can redeem them through Spirit.com directly in order to get access to the lowest rates for your travels.

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Limited Time 30,000 Free Spirit Mile Bonus

New applicants can currently earn 30,000 Free Spirit Miles when they are approved for the Spirit Credit Card.  The bonus is broken down in to two 15,000 splits.  To receive the first 15,000 customers will need to make a single purchase of any amount with their new card.  This must be done within 90 days of opening your account.  The second 15,000 miles is earned when you complete $500 of spending on your account within the first 90 days.  If you complete both requirements for the bonus your account will be awarded with a total of 30,000 Free Spirit Miles.

Relatively, this is an extremely easy sign up bonus to earn.  Typically spending for airline credit card bonuses often exceeds $1,000 in the first 90 days of opening your account.  Given the low spending requirements, this makes this credit card a very attractive option for Spirit Airline Customers.

Final Thoughts – Spirit Airlines Credit Card

Overall, The Spirit World MasterCard from Bank of America is a good choice for Spirit Airline Customers.  Because Spirit Airlines is not as widely available as many competing airlines, this card will mostly only appeal to Spirit Customers.  With a relatively low annual fee and a very nice sign up bonus, there are not many drawbacks for this credit card.


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