Synchrony MasterCard: 2% Cash Back


New Synchrony Cash Back MasterCard Coming Soon

Synchrony Bank is in the process of rolling out their new cash back MasterCard. Synchrony is most well known for issuing store branded credit cards. Unlike the store branded cards, this card will be a general credit card for customers to earn cash back.

The card is currently only open for customers who have been pre-qualified and invited to apply. It is expected that this card will be available for the general public soon. If you have been invited to apply you will need to visit to access your application.

Synchrony MasterCard 2 Percent Cash Back
Synchrony MasterCard 2 Percent Cash Back

Applying For This Credit Card

In order to apply for this card you will need to have received an authorization code from Synchrony Bank. Your authorization code will be active until the expiration date indicated on the letter you received.

Synchrony Authorization Code
Synchrony Authorization Code Form – Currently Required to Apply

To begin you application you will need to provide your code and your last name. This will allow you to access the complete application. Consumers will need to provide the basic information necessary to complete a credit application.

Cash Back Rewards

  • 2% cash back on all purchases
  • Sign up bonuses available ($150)
  • 0% intro APR for pre-qualified customers
  • No annual fee

Overall, this is a great cash back rewards card. 2% cash back is among the top tier of cash back rates. The Citi Double Cash Card is often seen as the standard for a cash back credit card. This card matches the rewards rate of the Double Cash.

Along with an impressive 2% cash back for all purchases, this card also offers sign up incentives for selected customers. The current offers include $150 sign up bonus after spending $1,500 on your new account within the first 90 days.

Additionally, new customers may also be eligible for 0% interest for the first year with their new card. Specific new sign up bonuses incentives will vary as the card becomes available to the general public.

Have you received an offer for the new Synchrony Bank MasterCard? Let us know about your thoughts of this new product in the comments below!


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