The Uber Credit Card Review – Is It Worth The Hype?


Uber Credit Card – Up To 4% Back

The Uber Credit Card was released November of 2017 and it was met with considerable praise.  Now that time has passed and the initial new card buzz has faded – what is the verdict?  For readers who are only interested the bottom line, The Uber Credit Card is a great overall credit card.  It provides cash back that can be redeemed for Uber Credit, statement credit, and gift cards.  Additionally, this credit card also provides some great “hidden gem” features including phone insurance when you pay you bill with you Uber Credit Card (more on this below).

For anyone who has been living under a rock, Uber is the most popular peer to peer ride sharing service in world.  To no surprise, they operate in just about every major city in the United States and in locations across the world.  In fact, phrase “get an Uber” has largely replaced the archaic idea of getting a taxi.  Uber’s rise to prominence has changed the way we get around town.  Now, with the introduction of the Uber Credit Card, it is changing the way people make purchases.

Uber Credit Card – What Does This Card Provide?

When the Uber Credit Card was first announced it was met with some skepticism from some credit card enthusiasts.  Branded credit cards are sometimes considered secondary in terms of rewards and overall utility.  For instance, many consumers who get a store branded credit card are attracted by the savings in the particular store.  They then find that the card isn’t great for much else.  With that said, the Uber Credit Card defies this stereotype associated with branded credit cards.  It offers big time rewards for an impressive variety of purchase categories.

Cardholders who make the most of this credit card will find that this becomes their primary card for many of the spending needs.  Two of the most impressive categories with this credit card are the 4% back for dining and the 2% back for online purchases.  It should be noted that very few cards offer an online category for rewards.  Given how popular online shopping has become, this sets the Uber Card apart from much of the competition.

Reviewing The Reward Structure For The Uber Credit Card

The Uber Credit Card provides rewards ranging from 1% back (minimum reward for all purchases) up to 4% back.  Furthermore, cardholders are not limited to the amount of rewards they can earn with their credit card.  The top return rate of 4% is typically only found with premium credit cards such as the American Express Gold Card.  Cards with similar reward rates often come with a high annual fee but the Uber Card does not charge an annual fee.

4% Back – Dining, Restaurants, Bars, and Fast Food (Including Uber Eats)

It goes without saying that the 4% back for dining is by far the most exciting aspect of the Uber Credit Card.  Very few credit cards offer reward rates at this level.  Those few cards that do are going to mostly fall under the “premium credit card” category.  It is no secret that Uber is most popular among younger folks and the dining category is a great nod to their target audience.  Young people love to eat out.  Making the biggest reward category for dining will appeal to a huge swath of credit card users.

3% Back – Travel (Hotel and Airfare)

There is no question about it – Uber thought long and hard about how to structure their reward categories.  Coming in at number 2 in the reward structure is travel expenses which provide 3% back.  If there is one thing that young people like to do even more than eating out, it would be traveling.  Cardholders will be excited to find the top two categories will supplement their selfie and Instagram posts well.

2% Back – Online Purchases (Includes Uber and Online Subscription Services)

To complete the millennial desire trifecta, the Uber Credit Card provides 2% back on online shopping.  This includes Uber rides, online subscription services, and online purchases.  More people are shifting their shopping preferences to online spending and we can expect more credit cards to begin to offer this type of reward category.  For the time being, The Uber Card is one of the only credit cards providing such rewards.

1% Back – All Other Purchases

For any purchases that do not fall in to the above categories, cardholders will earn 1% back.  The Uber Credit Card is issued by Barclay and is powered by Visa.  The credit card is accepted anywhere Visa cards are taken as a payment method.  This means that you can use your card just about anywhere on earth and receive at least 1% back.

Additional Uber Card Features and Highlights

Phone Insurance:  This is an awesome perk that should not be overlooked.  Uber Cardholders will be provided with up to $600 in phone protection including damage and theft (terms apply to exactly what is covered).  In order to qualify for this coverage, customers must pay their mobile bill using their Uber Credit Card.  Saying that, this should be the first thing new cardholders do after activating their credit card.  Setting up your mobile plan bill payment with your Uber Credit Card could save you big time in the event of phone damage or theft.

$50 Online Subscription Service Credit:  This feature is going to be available for customers who spend $5,000 each year on their credit card.  It is very likely you will qualify for this added bonus if your Uber Card is your primary credit card.  Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Sirius XM and many more are all eligible streaming services qualifying for this credit.  Additionally, your credit will automatically be applied once you are eligible to receive.

$100 Sign Up Bonus:  Uber Cardholders will be treated to a sign up bonus of 10,000 points which is the equivalent of $100.  Cardholders will need to complete $500 in new purchases on their credit card.  The $500 must be spent within the first 90 days of opening you account in order to qualify for the bonus.  Your bonus points will be credited to your account after spending requirements are completed.  The sign up bonus is only available for new Uber Credit Card holders.

Get The Uber Visa Card – Responding To The Uber Card Offer

If you have received an offer for the Uber Card by mail or email you can apply for the card online.  Customers will need to enter the Personal ID Code they received with their offer.  Visiting the Get The Uber Card website will provide the following form:

Get The Uber Card – Offer Form Requires Personal ID and Last Name

Entering your last name and Personal ID Code will allow consumers to retrieve their Get Uber Visa Card Offer.  Once submitted customers will be transferred to their full application.  Credit decisions are typically provided instantly when you submit a completed application form.

How Is Cash Back Redeemed And At What Rate?

Cash back rate of return for this card is pretty straightforward.  The only confusing thing is that your cash back is first in the form of “points”.  For instance, a $100 dining bill would yield 4% back, or, 4 points.  Each point is the equivalent of $0.01 (one cent).  For each 100 points you earn, you will be eligible for $1 in cash back rewards.  Points can be redeemed for Uber Credit, Cash Back, or Gift Card.

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Final Thoughts On The Uber Credit Card

Overall, this card is a great option for consumers looking for a nice cash back credit card.  The reward categories are among the best you will find for a credit card with no annual fee.  There is very little room for criticism of this credit card when you throw in the sign up bonus.  It goes without saying, there are other credit cards out there with bigger sign up bonuses available.  However, for a card with no annual fee, the Uber Credit Card provides great features and competitive cash back earnings.

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