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This card is issued by Mastercard and is designed for consumers with less than ideal credit (i.e. bad credit).

You must be 18 years of age or older and a legal resident to apply.

If you have a good credit score please move on to the next article (or check out our best Travel Credit Cards).

To apply for TheBuildCard please visit

Credit Card Highlights and Lowlights

  • No foreign transaction fee 🙂
  • No over limit fees
  • No security deposit required
  • Account set up one-time fee of $53 🙁
  • The Build Card charges a $72 membership fee for the first year (then $6 a month starting on the 2nd year)
  • No grace period on interest
  • No balance transfers

TheBuildCard Reviews

  • HighYa: 1 out of 5 stars based on 8 customer reviews
  • BBB Rating: F (ouch!)
  • “The Build Card is a rare unsecured card that targets people with poor credit. However, it’s expensive and significantly hampered by its lack of a grace period on interest”
  • Here is a forum post over at discussing how annoyed one customer was with the card

I called to see if they would waive my late fee, seeing as I had not owed them anything for 9 months. The lady said no. I said go ahead a cancel card because it is a $72 yearly fee ($6.00 a month). They had already charged me $6 for November even though I was canceling it on 10/31. The lady argued about the fee and the billing dates and would not remove it. I would not recommend the card with customer service like that. She did not even attempt to satisfy me as a customer.” – By Annissa C., Rockdale, TX, 11/2/2018

The Build Card received poor reviews from online users and financial blogs.

If you are still determined to apply here is how you get The Build Card:

  • Have a credit score between 300 to 600
  • Be 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of the United States
  • Provide the offer code (if available), application ID, ZIP code and Social Security number, and proceed to the application
  • Visit to begin

*If you have a Build card and are looking for a credit line increase please visit the Build Card contact page

how to get an offer for the build card

Bottom Line

We cannot recommend this credit card mostly due to the fact that there are many other options card options for consumers with bad credit (see below).

Consider Other Options

Better options for consumers with bad credit include the Capital One Secured MasterCard, Total Visa Unsecured Credit Card, Discover it Secured, and the Indigo Platinum Mastercard.

Or check out our Best Credit Cards for Bad Credit write up for a more in-depth review.

If your an Apple FanBoy you will want to consider the Apple Credit Card.

The Apple card features a unique Daily Cash rewards program, a suite of impressive security & privacy features, and a slick titanium design.

build card login

BuildCard Customer Service?

  • Phone:1-800-634-9558
  • Text the word “HELP” to 88100 anytime

BuildCard Payment Address

  • Billing Disputes: Build Card P.O. Box 3220 Buffalo, NY 14240-3220
  • Regular Payments: Build Card P.O. Box 660269 Dallas, TX 75266-0269
  • Overnight Payments: Build Card Box # 660269 Attn: Lockbox Operations 2701 East Grauwyler Rd., BLDG 1 Irving TX 75061

TheBuildCard com Apply & BuildCard Login Page


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