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The UMB Simply Rewards Credit Card

UMB Bank offers customers the Simply Rewards credit card.  Currently, customers can take advantage of a 20K Offer available through March 31st, 2019.  In order to meet the offer requirements customers will need to spend $1,500 in the first 90 days of opening their new account.  The Simply Rewards Card is a points based rewards credit card that provides many features and benefits including:

  • 12 Month 0% Intro APR
  • 20K New Cardholder Bonus
  • 3x Points for gas stations, grocery stores, discount stores and restaurants
  • 1x Points for all other purchases with your card
  • $0 Liability Protection on unauthorized charges
  • Visa travel services and auto rental insurance
UMB Simply Rewards - Features a clean grey and blue design
UMB Simply Rewards – Features a clean grey and blue design

Simply Rewards Features and Card Benefits

As mentioned above, this credit card currently provides a 20,000 bonus point offer.  This point value is equal to $200 in cash back.  Customers also have the option to use their points for other reward options.  Spending requirements must be met within the first 90 days of opening your account ($1,500 charged to your new account).  Once you have completed the spending requirements you will see your bonus points awarded to your account.  This offer is available through March 31st, 2019.

Customers will earn points for every purchase they make using their Simply Rewards Card.  All purchases are eligible for 1 point for each dollar spent.  Additionally, purchases made at for gas, groceries, discount stores and restaurants (including fast food) will be eligible for 3 points for each dollar spent.  One of the best features of this credit card is the many different purchase options at are eligible for 3x points.  These are mostly everyday purchases so cardholders will see their rewards add up very quickly when using this as a primary card.

Another great introductory offer for the UMB Simply Rewards Card is a zero percent intro APR.  The 0% interest rate is available for purchases and balance transfers in the first 12 months of opening your new account.  Balance transfers will be subject to a 3% transfer fee.  After the initial zero percent intro APR customers will have a variable APR between 14.24% to 20.24% based on their creditworthiness.

UMB Offer 20K – Responding To UMB Mail Offers

If you have received an offer from UMB to apply for the Simply Rewards Card you can apply online through the offer website.  The card can also be applied for in person at a UMB Branch Location.  The Simply Rewards mail offer does not require any sort of offer code and the card is available to all applicants.  From the offer page you can follow the apply now link to automatically open the credit card application.  Credit decisions are typically provided right away.

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Redeem Simply Rewards Points

UMB Simply Reward Points can be used through the UMB Dream Points website.  As you accrue points with your card you can check your balance any time and redeem points through the rewards portal.  Reward rates are pretty straightforward for this credit card.  Each 10,000 points earned is worth $100 in cash back rewards.  The initial bonus offered for this card will provide customers will $200 in cash back right off the start.

In addition to cash back options customers can also redeem points for rewards such as travel, merchandise, gift cards, entertainment and more.  One of the best ways to determine the best reward option for you will be to browse choices through the rewards site and decide which provides the best bang for the buck.

Final Thoughts – UMB Simply Rewards Card

Overall, the UMB Simply Rewards card is a very nice bank credit card.  With no annual fee, this card provides some great features.  The reward rate is very competitive among non-annual fee credit cards.  The Simply Rewards Card will be best suited for customers who are looking for an everyday spending card.  The 3x bonus categories are for everyday spending categories.  This will make the Simply Rewards Card a great card for your typically daily spending.  Let us know what you think about this card in the comments below!

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