United TravelBank Credit Card Review


The United TravelBank Card – Earn TravelBank Cash With United

The United TravelBank Card offers customers a zero annual fee option to earn rewards with United Airlines.  Cardholders will earn TravelBank Cash which can be redeemed for flights with United Airlines.  This card offers a new cardholder sign up bonus and competitive reward rates.  United TravelBank Credit Card features include:

  • 2% TravelBank Cash for United Ticket purchases
  • 1.5% TravelBank Cash for all other purchases
  • $150 TravelBank New Cardholder Sign Up Bonus
  • 25% Cash Back on inflight United purchases
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Zero annual fee
United TravelBank Card
United TravelBank Visa Card – Features a nice silver design

Redeeming TravelBank Cash – United TravelBank Card

My favorite feature of the TravelBank Card is the TravelBank redemption process.  Cardholders earn TravelBank Cash with every purchase they make on their credit card.  Cardholders can purchase United Airline tickets with their TravelBank Cash.  The flexibility of redeeming TravelBank Cash is where this card excels.  Travelers do not need to have the entire purchase price of their ticket to use TravelBank Cash.

For instance, if a ticket costs $400 and a cardholder has $150 TravelBank Cash, they can redeem their rewards and pay the additional $250.  This means cardholders do not have to wait until they accrue a huge balance in order to take advantage of their credit card rewards.

To use rewards, simply select the ticket are interested in purchasing.  At the payment information page, customers will need to select “United payment types”.  In order to access your account you will need to be logged in during the check out process.  Customers will be able to redeem their TravelBank Cash towards the purchase price of their ticket.

One downside to the regards program is that TravelBank Cash is not particuarly flexibility with use options.  United Miles earned with The Explorer Card can be transferred for additional redemption options.  TravelBank Cash does not currently include transfer partners.  For most United Customers this will be a non-issue but it is worth pointing out that your rewards will be limited to United Tickets Purchases.

United TravelBank Credit Card Sign Up Bonus

New cardholders have the opportunity to earn $150 in TravelBank Cash when they open a new account.  Customers will need to spend $1,000 on their new card in the first 90 days of opening their account.  The sign up bonus of $150 TravelBank Cash will be applied to cardholder accounts once their spending requirement has been met.

Additionally, customers will be earning points with each eligible purchase they make on their card during the bonus period.  If all purchases fall in to the 1.5% category (United Tickets are eligible for 2%) customers will earn an additional $15 in TravelBank Cash.  This means right off the bat customers will have $165 in TravelBank Cash after completing the initial sign up bonus.  Reward redemptions are earned at a one to one rate.  $1 in TravelBank Cash is equal to $1 when purchasing a United Airline Ticket.

Overall, the sign up bonus requires a very low spending requirement.  For comparison, The United Explorer Card requires an initial spending of $2,000.  This is double the amount required for the TravelBank Card.

TravelBank Card Travel Protection Benefits

As mentioned above, The TravelBank Credit Card does not charge customers a foreign transaction fee.  United Airlines travels all around the world so this will definitely come in handy for cardholders traveling abroad.  Many cards charge up to 3% in foreign transaction fees.  This fee adds up big time for frequent travel outside of the United States.  TravelBank Cardholders will incur zero additional expense when using their card overseas.

Additional benefits include trip cancellation insurance and auto rental collision damage waiver.  For situations such as injury or sickness, cardholders are insured up to $1,500 if their trip is cut short.  Rental insurance waiver is available when you purchase your rental on your card.  You can decline the insurance option for most rental vehicles both in the Untied States and abroad.

Not Interested In A United Airlines Rewards Card?  Check out some other credit card write ups that offer big time benefits.

United TravelBank Card Compared To The United Explorer Card

The TravelBank Card is a zero annual fee card.  Comparatively, the United Explorer Card charges a $95 annual fee.  Rewards earned with The Explorer Card are in the form of United Miles.  One implication of this was already discussed above – customers will have fewer redemption options with the TravelBank Card.

Currently, Explorer Card Customers will earn 40,000 bonus miles when spending requirements are met for new cardholders.  This is a much bigger initial sign up bonus than the TravelBank Card.  Mile redemption rates vary depending on the flight but consumers can confidently assess 40,000 miles to be worth about $400.  The big advantage of the TravelBank Card is that customers will still earn United Rewards without incurring an annual fee.

Final Thoughts – The United TravelBank Card

Overall, The United TravelBank Credit Card is a great zero fee card for travelers.  United Airlines flies just about everywhere on Earth and it is one of the best airlines in terms of destination options.  Travelers can review United Destination options here to learn more about where United flies worldwide.  With a $0 annual fee cardholders still have some big benefits like no foreign transaction fees and 1.5% earning rates on all purchases (2% for United Airline Tickets).

New cardholders need to make sure they are able to complete the new customer sign up bonus to make sure they get the most out of this credit card.  $1,000 is a very low spending requirement.  With this in mind, customers should make sure they will be able to charge about $330 to their account each month after opening their account.

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