Walmart Credit Cards Converting To Capital One


Walmart Is Changing Their Credit Card Issuer Effective October 11th, 2019

In July of 2018, Walmart announced that they would be switching from SyncBank to Capital One as their store credit card service provider.  Today, Walmart announced this switch would begin in October.  There are several important dates and details cardholders will need to be aware of which we will review here.

The primary purpose of this card conversion is that SyncBank will no longer be the issuer and service provider for cardholders.  This will now be managed by Capital One.  Capital One is one of the biggest card issuers in the Country and has a great reputation within the industry.  It is likely that many cardholders will enjoy the new Capital One platform compared to SyncBank.  Having cards issued from both banks, I can say that I much prefer the Capital One user interface.

Let’s take a look at what cardholders can expect as the conversion process moves forward.

Walmart Capital One Card Conversion Image and Date
Walmart Capital One Card – Conversion Date set for October 11th, 2019

Conversion Process Timeline

At the moment, no action is required from Walmart Cardholders.  On October 11th, their account will be switched to begin earning rewards with their new Capital One Rewards Account.  Beginning on October 14th, customers will be able to set up their payments with Capital One.  The Capital One App can be downloaded and your new autopay can be activated.  You will also begin to see your reward balances through the new program.

In late 2019 through early 2020 Walmart and Capital One will begin sending out new credit cards.  When you receive your new card you will need to take action to complete the conversion process.  Your old card will be discarded and you will need to activate your new card.  Once you have set up your new payment method and activated your new account the entire conversion process will have been completed.

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Important Conversion Information

When a credit card is converted to a new card issuer there are a number of important actions that cardholders will need to address.  Aside from the new card activation process mentioned above, several other critical steps include:

Set Up Your New Payment Method

Payment will need to be switched from SyncBank to Capital One.  Your card payment date will also change to reflect your new account.  Customers will need to visit Capital One to set up online electronic payment methods.  This can be completed by setting up your new Capital One Account for your Walmart Credit Card.

Update Auto Subscription Payments

If you have recurring subscriptions on your current card you will need to update these payments.  For instance, if you have a Netflix, bill payment, or anything other recurring payment on your card you will need to reset these details with your new card to prevent a lapse in payment.

No New Application Process Is Necessary and Easy

Your new card will be sent to you and no new application or credit check is required.  You will receive new credit card term agreements for your new Capital One Walmart Card.

Unlike when Costco converted to their new credit card the Walmart to Capital One will be a walk in the park.

Setting Up Your New Capital One Account

If you already have an account with Capital One you will not be required to create a new account.  Your new card will be added to your existing account.  You will be able to manage your Walmart Card using your current Capital One login information.

If you are not a current Capital One user you will need to create a new account.  Setting up a new account can be done starting on October 14th, 2019.  Customers can set up their account online and begin updating their payment and card management details.

Card Payment Interruptions

There will be no interruptions in payments aside from the time between October 11th through October 13th.  Payment will not be able to be made online until the 14th when your Capital One Account will be accessible.  During this time only mailed in payments will be processed.  It will not be necessary to send a payment by mail as long as your account is current.  Customers can simply wait until their new Capital One account is live to continue making electronic payments.

Changes To Rewards Program

At this time Walmart has not released details of its new reward program.  It has been stated that there will be updates coming to the program.  At this time we do not yet know if these will be beneficial changes or not.

UPDATE! More details in regards to the reward program can be found at our new write up “Walgreens Rewards Mastercard“.

Authorized Users

If you have an authorized user on your Walmart Credit Card they will also receive a new card.  The card will need to be activated in the same way as the primary cardholder.  No further action will be required for authorized user accounts.

Final Thoughts – Walmart Capital One Conversion

Overall, it sounds like this process is being handled very conveniently for customers.  Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid the necessity of setting up new payment details and resetting any automatic payments you have on your account.  These actions will be critical to ensure no lapse in card or bill payments.

It is yet to be seen if the new rewards program will be a better deal for cardholders.  Once the details of the new rewards program is released we will be able to determine if this will be a benefit for Walmart Cardholders.


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