Chong Settlement Info Class Action Lawsuit – Claim 8.875% Refund


Shellpoint Mortgage Lender Placed Insurance Lawsuit

A settlement has been proposed in the class action lawsuit against Shellpoint claiming they accepted illegal kickbacks for lender-placed insurance policies.

Shellpoint denies all actions of wrongdoing but has agreed to settle in order to avoid further court cost.

Please visit to obtain more information or file a claim.

Claim forms must be filed by 11/12/2019.

Ms. Dorothy Kerr Checa Chong filed this lawsuit back in July of 2018 against Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing.

Who should file a claim?

If you are a legal resident of the United States and were charged for a lender-placed insurance policy by Shellpoint on or after 3/1/2014 and who paid all or a portion of the premium for that policy between 3/1/2014 and 4/4/2019.

Class members settlement award?

According to the terms of the settlement class members may receive up to 8.875 percent refund of premiums charged by Shellpoint under a lender-placed insurance policy.

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Shellpoint Mortgage Lender Placed Insurance Settlement Contact Points

  • Mail: Chong v. Shellpoint Settlement Administrator c/o KCC Class Action Services LLC P.O. Box 404041 Louisville, KY 40233-4041
  • Phone 866-579-5212
  • Fax: Not found
  • Adam M. Moskowitz The Moskowitz Law Firm, PLLC 2 Alhambra Plaza Suite 601 Coral Gables, FL 33134 Case Information

The lawsuit is entitled Chong v. New Penn Financial LLC d/b/a Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing and is listed as case number 9:18-cv-80948-RLR.

The case is under review in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

Class Counsel

Class members who file valid claims will be represented by Adam Moskowitz from the law firm of THE MOSKOWITZ LAW FIRM PLLC.

Adam Moskowitz will collect $200,663.00 for his efforts.

Shellpoint Counsel

Shellpoint has hired Marc J. Gottlieb from the law firm of AKERMAN LLP.

Shellpoint has not admitted any wrongdoing by settling the insurance kickback class-action lawsuit against them.

Chong Settlement Information


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